I found many memorable scenes in Animal Farm, yet there is one that caught my eye. Actually there were a few of those scenes, but they are all pretty much the same. (Forgive me if I mess up the order of the scenes.) during Napoleon’s rule, it is discovered that the pigs eat in the kitchen and sleep in beds. Clover remebers that one of the commandments said, that no animal shall sleep in bed. She then discovers that the commandment now says: No animal shall sleep in bed with sheets The pigs assure that they don’t use sheets, and therefore have not broken any rules. The commandment of course said ”No animal shall sleep in a bed.”, but the pigs changed it, making Clover doubt in her own memory. A similar scene happens when Squealer is discovered by the side of the barn one night with a broken ladder, a pot of paint and a brush. Later Muriel discovers that one of the commandments now reads No animal shall drink alcohol to excess, istead of  No animal shall drink alcohol, like she remembered it.

I can’t really put my finger on why those scenes caught my eye. Maybe because the pigs, mainly Napoleon and Squealer, are such greedy little bastards (excuse the language), that they are willing to risk their position and comfort. What if the animals hadn’t blamed their memory, but realized that the pigs had changed the commandments? Of course, Benjamin understood, but he never said anything. But if the animals had know, I think they would’ve risen against the pigs. Then again, maybe not, because they seem to know that it’s better not to mess with Napoleon. But if all the animals would have united, I think they would have won. If they would have survive after being left without a leader, I’m not sure.

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