When I first started reading this book I thought it would be as boring as the last one – only shorter. But it truly surprised me – it was quite funny and actually enjoyable. There were many memorable scenes because almost all of them reflected Estonian history while being the part of Soviet Union. I think this was one big factor what made this book so interesting. In almost every chapter there was at least one scene which made parallels to Estonia.
There was one scene that I remember the most – the one in the very beginning when the Old Major gave his speech.
I find this scene very memorable because Major encouraged the animals to be free and independent. I also liked the part when the animals actually listened him. I think it was because of old Major’s age but everyone found this speech quite amusing.
This speech was all about becoming free from humans. Animals were tired of being forgotten by their master and they wanted to live their own life. This scene was also the start of democratic society. For example, when they voted if rats were comrades or not.
It was also the place where the rules were first mentioned. I also liked the fact that Old Major pointed out – ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL. This is one rule what we have nowadays in our society and we should all listen to this rule. In the end of this scene, they sang a song called “Beasts of England”. I think this was the most perfect end to this scene because after the encourage speech this song suited there very well. This song brought all the animals together and made them more equal.

In my opinion, this book was very well written. I have to thank the author for this humorous and well-written book because I really enjoyed it!

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