I found “Animal Farm“ interesting, although it was easy to read, it was a short read and the main idea was quite obvious for me at the very beginning. I have not lived during the reign of the Soviet Union, but I can still draw parallels between the Soviet era and “Animal Farm“. In the book there were some scenes, that I found not so obvious.

I chose a scene from the chapter 8, about the Battle of the Windmill. I chose it because it was one of the scenes I did not know, what was going to happen next, after the destruction of the windmill. I was wondering whether they will build a new one, or the animals’ empire will collapse. Animals in the farm, except pigs, were devastated, because their two-year project for easily blown up. They had just finished working on the windmill – its walls were twice as thick as before and only the machinery was needed to complete the mill. The lead of the farm thought the loss was nothing, because they will build a new one, or even 6 new windmills. The main thing was, that they had won a battle. But the animals did not feel the same way – they saw those tragic losses of the farm. Humans had taken many lives and most of them who still lived, were wounded. So my thought was, that maybe animals will give up and let humans take over control. The situation seemed hopeless. But comrade Napoleon and his impressive speaker, Squealer, were not so miserable about the losses and made a parade for celebrating their victory. From there on the worship of Napoleon still grew and animals had to carry on with even harder work than before.

Although the working-class of the animals in the farm had suspicions, they were too afraid to do something against the dictatorship. In other words – they were afraid to die.

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