There are many different types of scenes in “Animal Farm”. The author has put a really big effort in explaining the life conditions in the Soviet Union. It is really interesting to read the book and understand the hidden parallels. Some scenes were a bit sad, some mildly funny and some educative.
Throughout the book different animals and their characters are described. This shows how dissimilar habits effect the work and position in the society. For example the cat. As we all know cats are quite lazy and tend to sleep throughout the day. In “Animal Farm”, the cat always was away, when some work had to be done and always the first one to start eating. The horse was described as very strong and hard-working, but at the same time quite stupid and malleable. These types of hidden descriptions made the book quite interesting.

My favourite scene was the fourth chapter. The scene was about Mr.Jones trying to get back his farm. The pigs knew that Mr.Jones would come one day and try to get back his property. So they had made some preparations for the day. The pigs, who were the smartest, had made up a plan how to beat Jones and his men. A very important part of the plan were the pigeons. Their usual work was to fly around England and spread out the word about the rebellion. They were the ones, who informed the pigs that Jones and a dozen of his men were approaching the farm. The pigs had given a role in the battle for every animal. The battle plan  was to corner Jones and his men with the help of hens, ducks and gooses and then attack them with the rest of the animals. Everything went according to the plan until one of the men opened the fire and wounded one of the animals and killed a sheep. That really much angered the animals. Boxer was so scared that he punched one of the men so hard, that he died. That frightened Jones and his men and they ran away from the farm leaving their guns behind. After the battle, Boxer was so anguished of what he did and really regreted his actions. Only animal, who didn´t take part in the battle was Molly. If I understood correctly, Molly wanted Mr.Jone´s reign back. But the animals were victorious. The pigs found a way how to use the gun for the next battle. They also made up their own Victory day, which they would celebrate each year.

This was the most memorable scene of the book “Animal Farm”.

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