So, ah, I still have to write something about the book.
I spent the whole day cleaning and hoping for Mairi to get tired of watching „Two and a half men“. She never gets tired of it, apparently. -.- I’m really annoyed by the sounds of TV series whenever I have to write something. Gonna have to deal with it now so I can finally go to sleep.

Ok, it’s probably of no surprise to anyone, that the most memorable scene from “Animal Farm” was when Snowball was chased away from the farm. Quite obvious, as it was one of the main turning-points of the book.
When I read it, my mouth literally fell open and I gasped for air. I couldn’t comprehend how it was even possible for something like that to happen. It felt impossible to even imagine, what could follow. Snowball had been the main mastermind of all the great plans for the future of the farm. And the book wasn’t even half way through!
Before that incident I was kind of pro Napoleon. Snowball seemed too much of a dictator and wanted to ruin all the great simplicity there was. Of course later I understood why Napoleon had been so quiet and modest with his ideas. His only idea was to steal all of the plans Snowball had come up with.
In a way the mentioned scene resembled to a school shooting incident or something like that. Napoleon being the one who’s always suppressed until the day he bursts out in a rampageous way.

I’m not sure how much sense I made but I’m way too tired to fix anything atm 🙂

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