The most shocking and surprising moment from the book for me was, when they went to check the rules and discovered that the 7 commandments had been painted over and there was only one sentence stating that ”All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”. I think that this was the culmination of the whole book.

First thing that they did after the revolution and which is usually done by all new state’s, when they change power/ruler, they abolish old laws and set new ones. In order the state and community to function, there has to be certain common ground. During the book the content of the 7 commandments was constantly changed, but the last rule stated officially that the equality and friendship between all animals was over and the pigs were now permanently in control. Other animals had lost all their rights and had to obey.

In my opinion the book’s main idea was to show, how the communism actually doesn’t work in the real world, to prove that in the reality some people are smarter, more successful than others and the stronger ones also tend to take advantage of the weaker side. This kind of a perfect world doesn’t exist, because in order to make all people equal, we have to cut down on their other liberties, such as liberty for personal possessions or freedom of speech and information. I don’t think that equality is the main purpose of virtue and it definitely doesn’t stand upon other rights.

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