He plucked the knife from the dishwasher and handed it to his son. Son was anxious and didn’t know what he should to with the knife and wanted to let go of the knife. The knife fell down on the floor and on that exact moment her mother came into the kitchen. She didn’t know what was going on and thought that her husband and her son were just cleaning the dishwasher. So, instead of making a scene (because she was always very nervous and depressed) she leht the room to go to sleep because it was nearly 11pm. The father, named Peter, was depressed because his wife had always been nervous and he had got tired of it. Peter lifted the knife form the ground and gave to his son, Alex, an angry look. Alex knew what Peter had in mind. Peter wanted to kill his wife. Alex just stood right next to his father because they had a plan: they kill the mother, Anne, and then they put a knife in her hand and say that she made a suicide. It was a perfect plan.
So, they went upstairs, together. All because Alex didn’t want to be left alone. They opened the bedroom door but Anne wasn’t there anymore… or at least her soul wasn’t – only her dead body. Someone had been there because this someone had stabbed her to death. Peter dropped the knife and started to cry. So did Alex. They remembered to put the knife back to the kitchen and then they called the police. When the police arrived, they discovered that there were a female footprints. That made Peter to think – who would want to kill Anne beside her own family. That was a mystery for days.
At the funeral, there was only one woman who didn’t cry.. beside Alex and Peter of course. The woman was Anne’s sister. That’s when Alex found out that his aunt was the murderer. Caroline, his aunt, winked to him and then disappeared. After the funaral, Alex followed Caroline and demanded to know WHY??? Caroline said that she did it because her sister asked her. She added that she will go to Australia until the whole mystery fades away. Alex stayed very calm and but tears started to fall. Caroline hugged him for a second and then ran away.
Alex never told about this to his father. He knew that this was her mother’s wish but that still made him sad.

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