“Oh fudgemonkey!” he yelled upon realising that he had slept in and was late. When he got to the dining area, all the others had already finished eating, and had left only scraps for him. Hungry and miserable, he scraped the remnants of a banana off a banana peel and tried to find a few peanuts to fill his belly. Joey, a sad monkey on a Monday morning, scraping for food at the Tallinn Zoo, noticed a pair of unordinary tourists, namely two men, who he found to have a slight resemblance to the other monkeys in his cage. These men were rather tall, in suits, with a slightly darker tone of skin. They met, rubbed each other, and seemingly made lip to cheek contact with one another, which was all followed by the waving of their arms, shouting at each other and laughing. After exchanging suitcases they shook each other’s hand and departed. Joey thought this kind of behaviour from humans to be rather weird, but then he carried on to find some more food.

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