Observing people made me feel like being an intruder. Usually sitting in a cafe I don`t really watch people I see them but don`t watch, don`t think why are they there, how, what is going on with them, don`t think who they are. Sitting there in the cafe feeling like an intruder I started thinking what has their identity do with their behaviour. The biggest thing I saw was the huge difference between men and women. Women came in groups of two or three or more. They where chatting vividly, rattling. Probably telling gossip or just having fun. Men on the other hand were quite quiet. There were very few of them.   There was one eating alone while reading a newspaper tring to get the most of his break, to be sufficient. Others were with women but one seemed very eager to leave while the woman had all the time in the world. So  identity differs greatly between sexes. That was my conclusion that afternoon in the cafe.

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