I haven’t before done that task. I couldn’t imagine that observing people when they are acting normally is so interesting. It was a totally new experience for me.
The first idea when I had that task was the question that where can I see lots of different people. My answer was McDonald’s. I went there on Monday. The first emotion was given to me by the crowd who occupied most of the restaurant. There were only few vacant seats left. So there I sat down in a place where I could observe as many people as possible and I took out my old notebook and a pen that didn’t write at first and I started my observation.
People were speaking so loudly, I hardly heard my own thoughts. It was emotionally frustrating to see fat Finnish-speaking ladies sitting at the next table and eating loads of junk food. A burger was very small in their hands. I thought if I were them, I would start a diet immediately. I know which consequences eating like that have. Who doesn’t know, I recommend to watch the film “Super Size Me”. I am sorry for their attitude towards their eating habits.
Although it is a place for eating, there were many youngsters who were just sitting, chatting and laughing and yelling. They were all foreigners. I didn’t understand their language, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable because they didn’t speak with me. It would have been very inconvenient situation if they had talked with me in a language that I don’t understand. Maybe they were joking about Estonians, who knows. I wondered why they were sitting in McDonald’s when they are in a foreign culture. There is a large variety of sites for them in Tallinn. I would have understood their presence there if they were eating, but they were not. It was confusing to me.
It was funny to observe people who went to the toilet rooms because there were so many of them. In about 25 minutes only I counted 67 persons going in and out. Also when people have paid for their meal they turned around with their trays full of food. It reminded me of a butler serving tea with milk in an old English manor house.
Suddenly a man sat to the opposite table. He was alone, eating his burger and he saw me taking notes and so he started observing me. I assumed he wasn’t an Estonian. I didn’t know why he was looking at me. I felt really uncomfortable; I wanted to leave at first. But I thought what an MI6 agent does when he faces that kind of situation and so I observed him back, I looked into his eyes and after about ten seconds he found his tray more interesting to observe than me.
Finally it was time for me to leave. I packed my belongings and I went back to school. On my way I thought that what I have learned now. The answer was that you may never know who might observe you, so when you eat, do not munch and watch your behaviour in public places.

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