Tim Dawson entered the cafe. On that day he wore his usual suit, but with a green shirt, really GREEN. He believed in that green shirt – he wore that only on important business meetings. His female colleague was already waiting for him in excitement. She welcomed him with a warm smile and a hearty handshake. It was not a business meeting, more like a regular lunch. For starters they talked about weather – how nice it was for a change and so on. But Tim seemed quite troubled – he was looking around constantly like he did not want to be seen. Their table was in the middle of the cafe, so people were looking at them, though. I bet the nervousness was due to a business meeting coming up soon. As his colleague was friendly and her smile was calming, he relaxed a bit, so they had a great lunch together, a few laughs now and then. Soon they were finished, he helped the lady with her coat, and so they left.

There was another lunch taking place also. At first there were just two men, but later a woman joined them. That woman seemed to me like she was named Judy. I do not know any Judys myself, but she just looked like one. She was a natural redhead, ginger as some say. Judy and the two guys made up a perfect team. They arranged this meeting to discuss some design matters. Judy brought the first drafts of some posters, so they had to put together the final version. All of them wore glasses, had a bohemian look and seemed really into their work. As they were concentrated, there were a lot of silent moments in their conversation. I felt the intensive brain activity vibe passing the room. I must say that Judy, Spencer and George were like hard-working bees. Overall they met there for lunch, so Judy ordered herself a fish dish, flounder I think. I do not have anything against flounders, but the smell of that particular dish deterred me out of the cafe and my observation was over.

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