As Mr. Wilkins walked out of his detective office, he noticed a man, who looked as if he was in a hurry. After a moment of thinking, Mr. Wilkins decided to do something unusual – observe the man and write down everything he thought about him. Why did he do that, you may want to ask? It was due to the fact that the man looked almost like his friend, Matthias Burghardt – a twin, he would say. It wasn’t him though – the face was a bit different and the mans actions were also different. Apart from that, the clothes were the same (or very similar), the glasses were the same, and even the face looked alike. After writing it down, Wilkins went to the shopping centre to sit down on a bench and relax.

As he sat down, he once again got the unexplainable wish to write down what people around him did, so he took out his pen and started observing. First thing that he noticed was that most of the people were walking around without a real objective, just looking at different things that were sold and they probably didn’t even know what they wanted to buy. It seemed quite ordinary for the detective, so he didn’t write down many of such people. Another thing that he noticed was that there were many young women with their little children. All of the children looked around with pure excitement and a wish to explore the world. Their mothers didn’t allow them to do so, though, and instead dragged the kids to the shops that were definitely boring for the children. Typical actions of a parent, Mr. Wilkins thought. Just like he thought, there weren’t many people smiling. Many people looked even too serious for such a lovely day. There was also something unusual that day – in the city center there were many people of asian ethnicity. Most of them looked like tourists.

After an hour of writing, came the hunger. Without a moment of doubt, Mr. Wilkins decided to go to the Lido. There he took some food and sat down to eat. While eating, he once again observed the people around him. Actually there weren’t many visitors at that time – next to him there was a couple – man and woman – who didn’t talk much. It must be a really awkward situation for both of them, the detective thought. Two men sat in another table. The were chatting sometimes, but also quite rarely. They looked like colleagues. Another table, which was behind the detective’s back was occupied by 5 young men. They seemed like older school students or even college students. Laughter, jokes and loud voices came from that table – quite usual for young people. Out of a window, Wilkins saw an eldery woman with three big bags, certainly having trouble carrying them. A man with a phone walked past her and didn’t even notice the woman. In the last table sat another 5 students. They were also eating and laughing. Some of them kept looking around and writing down some observations. It seemed as if they were doing the same thing that Mr. Wilkins was doing. One of the students had a broken hand and was having trouble eating. His friend helped him by cutting his food and everyone started laughing. After everyone had finished eating, the waitress brought salt and pepper – “Why would they need them anymore?”, thought the detective.

It was quite late already and Mr. Wilkins knew that some clients were supposed to come by that afternoon, so he stood up, put away his pen and notebook and started walking towards the detective office. The day was sunny and he was happy – he learned many new things about the people around him, that he usually never noticed.

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