We all sat in Reval Cafe. I actually felt weird watching people’s every move, it was so stalkerish and harassing and totally made me wish no-one would ever secretly observe me.
Anyway, what I did notice about people was that very few of them spent, what probably was, their lunchbreak alone. There was one, a particularly young man, seemed like a young upper-coming businessman or a yuppie. He came in, ordered lunch, ate and read the daily newspaper at the same time and then rushed out. His quick meal left an impression of a man that is very dedicated to his carreer. I automatically began to think of him as the type of person who only has time for work and therefore finds no time for family.
Briefly after the yuppie left, I saw women in a group of four walking in the street. The first thing I noticed that one of them was walking in the front with the other three following her. That reminded me of the American school clicks, the movie “Mean girls” and the “queen bees”. Which is funny because I believe that these queen bees loose their importance as soon as they finish high school. Buy I guess there may be some exceptions. The group entered, the “leader” chose the table and also ordered first. Watching that weird hierarchical group of women only gave me a negative impression, I felt sad for the three women who followed their friend, just as if they had no opinions of their own.
Also what is worth mentioning was a weird couple sitting in the corner of the cafe. The woman was hysterically laughing at everything the man said, and it looked so unnatural and strained just as if she was desperately trying to boost the man’s ego. And the guy wasn’t even handsome-.-
In general the stalking task was pretty fun and definitely brought something fresh into our school days, yet I would prefer to never feel myself like a crazy stalker at a cafe again. Hopefully I was good enough that it didn’t show too much and the people don’t think of me as a lunatic.

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