People bustling
staff hustling,
some are fighting
others underwriting.

Everyone’s heading somewhere
tonnes of excitement in the air.

Children are playing
occasionally yelling,
parents softly laying
they are also yelling.

Excitement goes, peace comes
noise stops, quietness stuns.

Couples start talking
after that touching,
suddenly smooching
finally laughing.

Life has finally settled down
like indigenous people wearing a gown.

People eating
forever drinking,
some go shopping
others just walking.

As some of us continue to stare
the rest very rarely care.

They are sleeping
I am writing,
they are talking
I’m still writing,
they are walking
I begin ogling.

We are all here together, side by side
and yet so alone that we need a guide.

The clock is ticking
sometimes it sticks me,
time is running out
everyone’s kicking about.

As if this place was a zoo, compulsory
like you couldn’t even go to the loo, contemporary.

One goes right
two go left,
three go straight
no one stays behind.

And so we are apart once more
walking out towards the fore
never together again.

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