December 12, 1957

Hello! My name is John Winston Lennon and I’m 17 years old. I live in Liverpool and last year I started my own band – The Quarrymen. The name of the band comes from Quarry Bank High School where I’m studying and the music we play is of course rock ’n’ roll.  The members of the band are constantly changing but at the moment there is: me, Paul McCartney, Colin Hanton, John Lowe and the new kid – George Harrison. We’ve been playing at clubs and weddings for some time now and we are really getting more fame around here. Right now, we are performing almost every week and we hope that someday we will play for stadiums full of people! Can you imagine that? I can!

Next week we will go and record our first record at the Phillips Sound Recording studio. Very exciting! World, be ready for the Quarrymen!


July 29, 1960

Goodbye to the Quarrymen and hello to The Beatles! That’s right! We changed the name of the band. And it wasn’t easy! Long story short – at first we thought about the Beetles (like the Crickets) but then we decided to put a little pun in it, so we changed it to The Beatles (article with the capital letter is just for the emphasizing effect). Anyway, things have been going great and me, Paul, George and the new guy Pete are going to perform in Germany next week! Heard there are many stripclubs there so the guys are quite excited. Especially little George, who is still only 17 and our manager, Allan Williams, had to lie about his age so that he could come. Allan has a lot of faith in us and he says that we will be the next big thing. I sure do hope he is right!

We have been working on new songs a lot and soon we will have enough material to release our first album.


June 15, 1964

This is it. The Beatles has never been as famous as it is now. We are world-famous. Herds of screaming girls are following us everywhere and boys are trying to imitate our hair and style! If this isn’t fame then I don’t know what fame is!

I can’t believe we have so many fans and that our music affects so many people. Even I, the big dreamer as my friends call me, could never have imagined being so famous. At the concerts, we have the police holding back screaming and crying girls, so that they wouldn’t come running to the stage. You say that this is madness? No, this is Beatlemania. It’s amazing and frightening at the same time. Our fans make me feel like I’m Hitler. And I don’t even know if it’s a good or a bad thing. I swear to god, the Beatles is bigger than Jesus right now!


November 23, 1966

I’m in love! This feeling is more than any words could explain! She is amazing!

OK, I will tell the story.

Some weeks ago I met the girl of my dreams and her name is Yoko Ono. She’s a gorgeous Japanese artist who I met at an art gallery during a performance art installation. She is incredibly mettlesome and she shares the same views as I do. Always trying to change the world, just like me. From the moment I laid my eyes on her, I just knew. We have now been dating for 2 weeks and the only thing I know is that I have to marry this girl!

As to my music, the last few weeks have been very refreshing. Everything is clearer when you are in love. I have been extremely productive and I have so many thoughts for new songs. Maybe meeting Yoko was the push I needed. Maybe all you need is love.


January 13, 1971

Have you ever imagined world without wars? Or a place where things that divide people did not exist? Well, I imagine it everyday and I think it would be a much better place. Right now, I and Yoko are working on a song called “Imagine” and I have a great feeling about this song. It has a strong political message and beautiful melody. I believe that softer approach would bring the song to a wider audience, who hopefully would listen to the message.

I actually got the idea of writing “Imagine” after I read Yoko’s book “Grapefruit”. Yoko has been a real help. I hope we finish this song soon and that it makes a difference to the world.

My biggest wish is that people could imagine a better world. If we can imagine it, we can achieve it!



October 11, 1975

Two days ago, my son Sean was born and today he and Yoko were permitted to come home. It is the happiest day of my life! I somehow feel that I’ve reached my goal in life. Although being a musician and touring around the world was very rewarding, I would now like to take time off and be a father.

I don’t know if this means the end of my music career or just a break. We have basically decided, without any great decision, to be with our baby as much as we can until we feel we can take time off to indulge ourselves in creating things outside of the family. The birth of Sean made me see, how valuable life and time is. I want my son to grow up with a father because I know how hard it is to grow up without a father figure.