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My room


It’s so smaaa-aa-aaalll. I mean like, I really could use my own dressing room and my own bathroom and all that, ‘cause there’s stuff literally everywhere, and I have like no place to put it all. And it would be nice to be just a liiitttleee bit tidier, you know? Not that I complain. I mean, yeah, my room isn’t the most decent place in the world, but it’s MY room. It kinda shows who I am and I shouldn’t change it, right? Right? Although I really do hate it sometimes. At least some aspects of it. Like, for example, it’s really dark in there. I have a big window and all, my walls are light and I have, like, 3 lamps, but it’s still so depressing and murky (A NEW WORD THAT I LEARNED!) in my room. But at the same time, my room is very… fun and colourful? Very… me? Yeah, I guess that it kinda is like me with its CoNtRaDiCtInG things and all that. Kinda like an obnoxious child. But it still doesn’t define me, right? I’m more than just a room… right?

But yeah, I’d really like to have a place to chill in my room, read a book or something, but there’s just no room for it, and it makes me oh-so sad. I hate my bed ‘cause it’s too small, and my curtain is just totally dumb. But the thing I really like about my room is the wall above my desk. It’s covered with, like, pictures and totally random quotes and sentences and whatever the hell I’m in the mood for. It’s kinda motivational or something. I mean, I just really love it. I stare at it all the time. Yeah, it’s hard to concentrate while studying ‘cause my wall kinda sucks my in and lets me dwell on it forever, but still. It’s probably one of the few things I actually love about myself and I shouldn’t change it, right?


A helping friend

If she could take all of her clothes from the bean bag and put them neatly in the closet, she would have a perfect place for reading, right by the window, as she has always wanted. I must say, I like her flowers. It would be nice if she could actually take care of them by herself. Have that kind of calmness necessary for looking after her life. Becoming more independent. Not crying for mummy every time she has to take responsibility.

I know that organizing her school materials isn’t her favourite pastime, but if she could get herself together and actually do it, she would enjoy being in her room just a little bit more. I know that deep in her heart she’s really not a messy person and she would completely enjoy a neat room, but I also know that it’s so very hard for her to tackle these quite-irrelevant-yet-aesthetically-important issues, because it’s “soooo not the thing that defines life.” It’s just that she doesn’t want to admit these things to herself, she doesn’t want to be someone she doesn’t like. So I’ll let her be that way for now. Just keep calm, stupid. Try to put away those childish things.

And yes, the covered wall is so… her. Just like the rest of her room. Quite… eclectic yet incorporating a sad, chilly-yet-warm waft. And how could I blame her for something she likes, something that she is like, something that she… wants to be? I understand it. I really do. She’s showy, and her room is showy, and she doesn’t really care about what others think of it, but that doesn’t mean she’s egoistic, that she’s a bad, uncaring person. She just has her own way of craving for attention, like we all do. Not that she would ever admit it. She’s not like that. She can’t be “defined by what others think of her.” But it’s not a bad thing. It’s okay. It really is. Because how could I blame her for being like that? How could I blame a growing person, a soul who doesn’t yet know a damn thing about, well, anything? So it’s all fine. Her room is fine. She is fine. She’s going to grow up. She’s going to realise that she’s not defined by words, not defined by others, not defined by anything she doesn’t want to be defined by. That she’s not the one to give up her dreams because people might throw rocks at her. She IS going to make it, and she will realise it soon enough.


There once were ten little mice.
They played a lot of blue dice.
A mouse lost it’s money,
away went it’s honey,
he also had nasty lice.

There once was a mean little lady
who didn’t like to be called Slim Shady.
In class she barked,
and she wore all dark.
Tests she made almost daily.

By Kalev, Leore, Urmas and Elisabeth

Jaleel had always lived a normal life, conventional, as one might say. He had everything a person could want from life: a well payed job, a big house and a loving wife, Rakeesha.
Jaleel’s best friend, OJ, also had his life set straight, leading a pioneering IT-company and living with his highschool girlfriend, Yolanda. And despite all their success, neither of the men were happy. They had all the right aspects to be happy, but they weren’t, because they actually loved each other.

This issue had risen a few years ago, but both men tried to oversee it, believing it to be a phase, but after years of anguish, they couldn’t wait any longer. They had to get divorces, though both men knew, that their wives wouldn’t agree.

Jaleel went first, begging Rakeesha to agree on the divorce matter, but his wife refused. He didn’t explain why he needed it, he just said that they must divorce. Rakeesha still refused. They needed a new strategy.

A month later, they were camping in the Ambrose gorge. While they were walking a narrow passage, Rakeesha slipped but Jaleel managed to grab her hand. There, he realized, what he had to do. He let go of Rakeesha, sending her to a fall of 30 meters onto jagged rocks. He made it look like an accident and as nobody else knew about his divorce attempt, no one suspected him of anything aswell.

Two weeks later, it was OJ and Yolanda’s anniversary. The only person they invited, was Jaleel. There, the men would kill Yolanda. They put some poison in the champagne. Their plan was to let Yolanda drink it first, as it was a fast-acting poison. When it came to it, they all raised their glasses, ready to drink. Then, moments before Yolanda drank it, she said, she couldn’t drink for a month, a doctor had given her such instructions. But then she said that both men can drink to Rakeesha’s honour. The men had no other choice. At 18:47 PM, OJ and Jaleel died.

Ingmar, Allan, Brain and Liis

Sitting in a daily peace

Eating sweet ice cream

They heard an awful scream

It was a cry for help from Greece.


Black glasses, black hair, black everything

Often wears suspicious voodoo bling

O that’s convenient,

She was not lenient,

I just called to say *DING*


By Allan, Brain, Ingmar, Liis


There once was a shining star.
All he wanted was to drive a car.
He dreamed of it all day long
and even wrote a song,
but he failed and was covered in tar.

Once there lived the MacBook Man.
He didn’t look very tanned.
His purpose of life
was to kill with a knife
all the students, that was his evil plan.

Boy with a bicycle drives along busy London street. It was a sunny day and the boy was enjoying himself. He drove into the hole and fell. He twisted his little ankle.

A beautiful girl sitting on the park bench saw the boy falling down and ran towards him. She asked the boy if he was all right. He rejected her and answered that everything was okay. When their eyes met they stopped and stared at each other for a minute, which lasted longer than an hour. They blushed, and in total silence she helped the boy up. The whole situation became awkward. And the only thing that came out of his mouth was “you, me … bananas?” The girl giggled and answered: “with ice-cream, of course”
They decide to go for an ice-cream. They got the ice-creams and went for a walk in the park. They sat down on the bench to enjoy each other’s company. All in all they had a wonderful time, talking and laughing.
Time went by and the sun started to set, so it was time for them to say goodbye. The day ended with a long awaited kiss.
Since that day on they’ve been seeing each other every day. The years went by and it was time for them to get married.
They decided to go for a honeymoon to a beautiful island in the Pacific ocean.
They had the best time of their lives there, and they lived happily ever after.


By Ingmar and Brain


The woman took her bike and set off. The first waypoint was a Buddhist temple. She was alone there, on her trip. She had gone through some rough times in England. Working day after day, sometimes weeks on end without a break. “Its time,” she thought, “I need to get some rest from this madness. And what better place for a vacation than India? Its an ex-colony of the United Kingdom, so probably I can get away with speaking English there. It is warm there and full of culture. That is truly where I want to be right now.”

So here she was, exactly in the place she wanted to be and exactly when she wanted to be. She couldn’t wait to be on the road with her bike. She enjoyed the freedom there. She could go anywhere, do anything. Perhaps the overjoy was what almost cost her her life. But perhaps it was what almost bought her her happiness.

She was on her way, on the road, when she was almost hit by a car. The driver of the car, a young charming Indian, had been more focused on the computer screen in the car than the driving itself. The man stopped immediately. “Are you alright?”, he asked. “I.. I think so”, she answered. Something magical took place at that exact moment in that exact place. Something in their eyes connected. They stood there for a minute, just staring each other.

A year passed by. It turns out that magical moment meant a lot for both of them and that spark encouraged both of them to get engaged. “Well,” the man said, “Even bad situations can lead to the greatest moments of your life”. That story took place around 20 years ago. Today, they are still living together happily, in one of the megalopolises of the world, Mumbai India.

Written by Allan and Kalev.

Many years ago, on a quiet summer day, I was walking in a field at my grandparents cottage. I was picking flowers when I saw the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, it was the girl next door. I asked if she would want to pick flowers with me and she agreed. I remember the moment when she gave me a camomile she had picked. That was the moment I realized that I wanted to marry her one day. We started seeing each other more often and soon became very close.

Years later we married and started our own home in London. We were happy with our lives and we had three kids. We raised them up together, however two years ago my wife died and it brought grave sorrow into my life. Now looking, sipping my morning coffee, I see a boy painting a Swastika over the Union Jack. What is the world coming to? When I was young my life was full of love and happiness, but now darkness is closing in on the young and ruining their innocence.


Leore ja Kaidi

A long way to Dubai

Once there lived a happy family of mother, father and a little boy. They woke up on a beautiful Sunday morning wanting to prepare the perfect Sunday dinner. But they realized they didn’t have many ingredients for cooking, so they went to the market to get some groceries.
They were almost done with their shopping when suddenly a man popped out of nowhere and offered them a watermelon.
“Extra cheap today!” he exclaimed loudly over the market. “Best you can ever get!”
“Yay! Mum, I want a watermelon!” shouted the little boy.
“Sure!” said the father.
“No! No watermelon!” argued the mother.
“Oh come on,” said the man with the watermelon, “this watermelon can change your life! It is just a couple of bucks.”
“Well alright,” agreed the mother. And they bought the watermelon.
When they got home, the boy was very anxious to eat the watermelon, so the father cut it open. But it wasn’t a watermelon!
Inside were free tickets to Dubai. The family was shocked. They decided to go next week.

On the day of departure, when their bags were packed, they got into their car and started driving to the airport. During the drive, the parents got into an argument.
“We should take this road,” the mother showed on the map.
“No, I know a quicker way,” answered the father.
“Are you sure of it? I don’t want to end up in some strange forest.”
“No, this is a good road, see, right here,” the father said as he looked on the map and pointed to a smaller road.
“Look out!” the little boy suddenly yelled. Both of the parents looked up, but it was too late. A duck family was crossing the road. To avoid them, the father turned the wheel quickly to the left, which caused the car to drive off the road. The car burst into flames. They all burned to death.

The end.