The woman took her bike and set off. The first waypoint was a Buddhist temple. She was alone there, on her trip. She had gone through some rough times in England. Working day after day, sometimes weeks on end without a break. “Its time,” she thought, “I need to get some rest from this madness. And what better place for a vacation than India? Its an ex-colony of the United Kingdom, so probably I can get away with speaking English there. It is warm there and full of culture. That is truly where I want to be right now.”

So here she was, exactly in the place she wanted to be and exactly when she wanted to be. She couldn’t wait to be on the road with her bike. She enjoyed the freedom there. She could go anywhere, do anything. Perhaps the overjoy was what almost cost her her life. But perhaps it was what almost bought her her happiness.

She was on her way, on the road, when she was almost hit by a car. The driver of the car, a young charming Indian, had been more focused on the computer screen in the car than the driving itself. The man stopped immediately. “Are you alright?”, he asked. “I.. I think so”, she answered. Something magical took place at that exact moment in that exact place. Something in their eyes connected. They stood there for a minute, just staring each other.

A year passed by. It turns out that magical moment meant a lot for both of them and that spark encouraged both of them to get engaged. “Well,” the man said, “Even bad situations can lead to the greatest moments of your life”. That story took place around 20 years ago. Today, they are still living together happily, in one of the megalopolises of the world, Mumbai India.

Written by Allan and Kalev.

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