Boy with a bicycle drives along busy London street. It was a sunny day and the boy was enjoying himself. He drove into the hole and fell. He twisted his little ankle.

A beautiful girl sitting on the park bench saw the boy falling down and ran towards him. She asked the boy if he was all right. He rejected her and answered that everything was okay. When their eyes met they stopped and stared at each other for a minute, which lasted longer than an hour. They blushed, and in total silence she helped the boy up. The whole situation became awkward. And the only thing that came out of his mouth was “you, me … bananas?” The girl giggled and answered: “with ice-cream, of course”
They decide to go for an ice-cream. They got the ice-creams and went for a walk in the park. They sat down on the bench to enjoy each other’s company. All in all they had a wonderful time, talking and laughing.
Time went by and the sun started to set, so it was time for them to say goodbye. The day ended with a long awaited kiss.
Since that day on they’ve been seeing each other every day. The years went by and it was time for them to get married.
They decided to go for a honeymoon to a beautiful island in the Pacific ocean.
They had the best time of their lives there, and they lived happily ever after.


By Ingmar and Brain


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