Jaleel had always lived a normal life, conventional, as one might say. He had everything a person could want from life: a well payed job, a big house and a loving wife, Rakeesha.
Jaleel’s best friend, OJ, also had his life set straight, leading a pioneering IT-company and living with his highschool girlfriend, Yolanda. And despite all their success, neither of the men were happy. They had all the right aspects to be happy, but they weren’t, because they actually loved each other.

This issue had risen a few years ago, but both men tried to oversee it, believing it to be a phase, but after years of anguish, they couldn’t wait any longer. They had to get divorces, though both men knew, that their wives wouldn’t agree.

Jaleel went first, begging Rakeesha to agree on the divorce matter, but his wife refused. He didn’t explain why he needed it, he just said that they must divorce. Rakeesha still refused. They needed a new strategy.

A month later, they were camping in the Ambrose gorge. While they were walking a narrow passage, Rakeesha slipped but Jaleel managed to grab her hand. There, he realized, what he had to do. He let go of Rakeesha, sending her to a fall of 30 meters onto jagged rocks. He made it look like an accident and as nobody else knew about his divorce attempt, no one suspected him of anything aswell.

Two weeks later, it was OJ and Yolanda’s anniversary. The only person they invited, was Jaleel. There, the men would kill Yolanda. They put some poison in the champagne. Their plan was to let Yolanda drink it first, as it was a fast-acting poison. When it came to it, they all raised their glasses, ready to drink. Then, moments before Yolanda drank it, she said, she couldn’t drink for a month, a doctor had given her such instructions. But then she said that both men can drink to Rakeesha’s honour. The men had no other choice. At 18:47 PM, OJ and Jaleel died.

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