Oh yeah! At last I can sit down and relax on my soft sofa. I’ve got everything handy over here: my PC, TV, wardrobe and my table. The only thing missing is a refrigerator :D. I’ll just turn my quiet PC, with a cool-looking blue light on, plug out the headset, plug in the speakers and listen to some music. At the same time, I am going to turn on my CRT screen TV, turn on my playstation and play a few games of soccer. I am glad that someone invented Youtube. Now I don’t have to download the songs and constantly switch them.

Hmm, I wonder what is behind this clean and completely white door. It surely must be a young man’s room. You ask, what makes me think that. Well, the fact that there are posters of sports cars on the wall and that there is no gigantic mirror on the wall clearly indicates that this is not a girl’s room. Besides the car posters, I notice a papyrus, displaying the ancient Egyptian god Amon-Ra and his servant. I wonder whether this boy is religious or that the painting is just a souvenir. The room itself is unusually tidy. There are no clothes laying around and there are no food leftovers on the two tables. However few shelves of the huge closet on the left side of the room are full of all sorts of different stuff. I better not check the other cupboards. The other thing I noticed, is the technology in this room. There are two TVs, a PC, a playstation and a stereo system. On a closer look, I counted 12 speakers, but the owner of the room has done a really good job to hide them. They are not visible, when first stepping into the room. And last but not least the sofa. Well, I have to say that I do not really like it. It is just not my type of sofa and besides it is a bit too soft for me.

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