The comfortness of my room is visible from the first look, it is reasonably big, although it could always be bigger. The whole room is pink, the tapestry, the beds. It was really bothering me at the beginning but I got used to it. The soft pink bed, with a mountain of pillows and huge, striped tartan, is my favourite place. During the day it is usually covered with the clothes and things I decided not to wear in the morning but I think I clean it up later but I usually just throw them on the chair. I do clean, but just not after school. next to the wall I see a wooden desk and some drawers, filled with very important things organized only in a way I can find something. The biggest thing in my room is the closet. It is huge and with a mirror on the door, where my mom  ´thinks she can put things without me noticing it.


The room is awfully small, cramped even. How can she live here. The desk is so tightly filled with all sorts of things and the chair next to it, it`s unbearable. I`ll have to tell her to finally clean it. How can`t she wash her dirty glasses, they are on the corner of the desk. The bed is the worst thing in the room, the pillows are covering the bed, how can she fit there, and it is so hard.

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