From my point of view

There is no place better on Earth than home. But there is one place that is even better, and that’s my room. My room is like a sanctuary, like a haven to me. It’s known me through the best and the worst and it suits me. It’s thoroughly me. There isn’t one single thing in this room that isn’t me (and if there is, it probably goes to its rightful place quickly). In my room I feel like home. I sleep best in my own bed. I write the best essays behind my table. I look best when looking myself in my own mirror. The best in me comes out in my own room. It’s pink, it’s girly, it has a calendar full of cats, it has a closet full of clothes, it has my boyfriend’s photograph, it has a huge bookshelf of books I haven’t read yet or will never read again and it has a mirror that is lightened better than any other mirror in the whole world. My room is awesome.


From my sister’s point of view

Ooh, Hanna is not home! Why don’t I just casually walk into her room … and maybe look around for a while. There’s that enormous closet of hers, I wish I had one like that, but no, the drawer, it’s full of shiny things, but the bookshelf, yes, I probably want to read one of her compulsory literature books, they’re so awesome, I don’t understand how she doesn’t like them, but first! The cupboard. I should try on this lipstick and this mascara – she doesn’t mind, I gave that to her – and why don’t I turn on the lights of her mirror – oooooooooooooh! It’s so bright! I’ll just try that eyeshadow … and that one, too … wait, but the nail polishes! I must try the blue and the yellow and the green one! But I can’t try them all at the same time … hmm … I’ll just take them to my room for a while, I’ll take them back, I promise! Ooh, the earrings! These match perfectly with this makeup! Oops! I think I broke one … oh, never mind, she probably won’t notice, I’ll just put them back there. I almost forgot – the closet! I must try on this dress and this blouse and this skirt and I never knew she had that blouse, it should fit me, I’ll take that too, and how about these pants? I’ll try them on in my room, I’ll return them later, put them back into the closet, she won’t even notice. I hope. Ah, never mind, I’ll take everything, if she wants something, she can get it from my room!


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