From my point of view
Oh my god my room is such a mess – just look at the desk – random school assignments everywhere and that awesome mug, with a propaganda poster printed on it, still has some coffee left in it from YESTERDAY. Why the hell do I still have my old sketchbooks on the tiny table beside the desk? They’re supposed to be in a drawer! Not to mention the school books on the floor, well, at least they’re in neat stacks. It’s easier to pack my bag in the morning this way. Enough about the mess now, I’ll clean everything up during the weekend.

Looking over my computer I can see the presents I got from my friends for my birthday – 3 books with motivational quotes in them (coincidence…?), a couple of cards, roses made out of paper, an empty “cannabis beer” bottle with a couple of cents in the bottom (poured it empty, because beer tastes gross derp), and a robot necklace. Besides the birthday presents there’s also an empty “MANNA” container, the blue hair dye I accidentally bought, the package it was in, and a bobble-head coconut turtle. The shelves are right next to my super-comfortable bed and on the wall next to bed I’ve put some postcards, a poster of one of Mucha’s paintings, two birthday poems from Maili, a random doodle to fill space, and the political map of the world in order to spend the times I can’t get any sleep “productively”. Next to my bed is my white bike piled with clothes. On the windowsill are several house plants, and um yeah.. there’s also a TV I sometimes use to play video games, but otherwise just collects dust, a bunch of pens, markers, pencils in cups on the desk, a mirror, shelves, drawers – average room stuff.

I like my room a lot. I mean, it could be bigger, but it’s still nice. I’ll be slowly filling the wall with stuff and buy more plants for either the balcony connected to my room, or.. for other surfaces. My room’s got some ugly furniture actually, but it doesn’t bother me much, I mean, as long as it’s not broken it’s all good. At least the walls and the ceiling are better than in the last apartment (it sounds weird, but that stuff actually matters a lot). There’s actually a lot of nostalgic items in my room, think I live in the past or something.

From my father’s point of view
This room is kind offff….. messyyy…. buuut….. okayyy…..

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