I was strolling around the Internet and stumbled across a piece of music related to the end of the world. This topic is somewhat widespread, due to the prediction that the world would end on the 21st of December 2012. I thought it would be a fun theme to write about. I did a little research on this topic and found out there are quite a few predictions for apocalyptic events. The entries of this diary are made by a scientist/inventor, whose name is Dr. Demens (in Latin means mad) and they are written in the present era (a little more in the future in fact).

A Day in the Life of Dr. Demens

20 December 00:01
I have been working on the Project SoE for over two years now. Only few more steps to complete and the World will never run out of energy. All the fossil fuels, such as oil and gas, will lose their meaning, not to talk about the existing alternative energies. Also the current nuclear energy will be considered as a child’s play. This will be such a breakthrough in the history of science. After many years of experimenting with different radioactive substances simply for the sake of science, I somehow blundered. And what a blunder it was. Since that day I haven’t left my secret laboratory.

At first I did not realize what had just happened. After dropping a few atoms of hydrogen in the mixture of different elements, the substance glowed as bright as the Sun for a fraction of a second and the beaker melted instantaneously. I was shocked, yet extremely curious of what had happened. When I finished calculating, measuring and thinking everything I had done over and over again, I finally reached the moment of understanding. I did in fact invent a new element. Since it glowed as bright as the sun, I decided to call this element fons sol. At the very moment I had the vision of Project SoE.

I made more tests, to find out why this matter was so unstable. After melting and exploding tens of beakers I finally found the solution. The substance must not be in contact with any other element, especially with oxygen. I also realized how lucky I had been. If I had accidentally increased the amount of hydrogen by few nanograms, the occurred explosions had been more large scaled.

20 December 05:37
Just finished preparing the container for fons sol. The container is made out of tantalum hafnium carbide. As the new element produces very high temperature, I thought to make the container from the material with the highest melting point of 7619 °F, the highest know to mankind. I made it air proof and pumped out everything there was in it, creating a vacuum environment, in which the fons sol should be most stable.
I have been working for six days in a row without a bigger brake to rest, but I am so close to make history. Must keep on working.

20 December 14:53
The monitors are set up and running. All the sensors are attached to the THC-container. The test program has been initiated. It is currently inspecting the emergency shutdown sequence, in case of a failure during the real experiment. It is programming the maximum limits of the sensors and checking how the indicators react to different changes on the diplay set. It takes a few more hours, before the test program has finished examining all the little details.

20 December 22:22
Excellent !!! Everything is ready. Now it is time to start with the experiment. All I have to do is to begin inserting hydrogen into the container holding the fons sol. I have to being with microscopic amounts. After each insertion I have to check the indicators on the displays. Everything has to be balanced and below the maximum mark. If I inject too much hydrogen, the temperature level will increase rapidly and there will not be anything I can do to stop it and I do not know how high it might go. If the pressure in the THC-container reaches 90%, it might already create cracks to the surface of the container, so it is possible that air, therefore oxygen, could get intouch with the fons sol. I just have to be extremely careful. I simply hope, that after years of working on the Project SoE it will be a success and we will have a Sun on Earth.

20 December 23:59
What have I done? I woke up few minutes ago behind the indication displays. All the readings are above the allowable limits. It seems the emergency shutdown sequence did not work. I tried shutting down the whole system manually. I tried reseting the system. I even pulled out the power plug from the main module. The alarms are still shouting and red lights are flashing everywhere. Everything has gone out of my control. The fons sol is getting bigger and bigger. The whole laboratory is enlighted by it. Soon it will breach through the THC-container and react with the oxygen molecules in the air and…

I think, this is the last entry I’ll ever make. It will not be Nibiru that will end the existence of the World, it is I, Dr. Demens and my Sun on Earth.