Category: Limericks


With Love to the Wardrobe Ladies

Once upon a morning, I stopped and stared.

Wickedly towards me, she glared.

I then said,”You’re mean and a major doodoo head,”

adding,”you’re so slow that I’d rather be dead!”

I hope someday you’ll hear, what we prepared.

Sexual Frustration (also known as the DC Poem)

Once there was a sexy man

and I really am his biggest fan.

Come and stand under my umbrella!

I wanna be with you, you organic fellow.

Oh, I’m gonna be with you – this is my master plan.

By: Ann, Katharina and Merle


There once were ten little mice.
They played a lot of blue dice.
A mouse lost it’s money,
away went it’s honey,
he also had nasty lice.

There once was a mean little lady
who didn’t like to be called Slim Shady.
In class she barked,
and she wore all dark.
Tests she made almost daily.

By Kalev, Leore, Urmas and Elisabeth

Ingmar, Allan, Brain and Liis

Sitting in a daily peace

Eating sweet ice cream

They heard an awful scream

It was a cry for help from Greece.


Black glasses, black hair, black everything

Often wears suspicious voodoo bling

O that’s convenient,

She was not lenient,

I just called to say *DING*


By Allan, Brain, Ingmar, Liis


There once was a shining star.
All he wanted was to drive a car.
He dreamed of it all day long
and even wrote a song,
but he failed and was covered in tar.

Once there lived the MacBook Man.
He didn’t look very tanned.
His purpose of life
was to kill with a knife
all the students, that was his evil plan.