Category: Poetry

  1. Awesome
  2. Commercial
  3. Elm – tall tree
  4. Gourd – large fruit
  5. Grumble – complain about something
  6. Lacklustre – not interesting
  7. Parterre – a flat area in garden
  8. Predictor
  9. Questioning
  10. Rabbit
  11. Rabble
  12. Soca – carribean music
  13. Sop – releaf
  14. Stripe
  15. Unsavoury – unpleasant

Rabble rabbit
Grumbled in Parterre

Gourd awesome sop
on elm tree

Questioning soca’s
Unsavoury commercial

Stripe predictor
is lacklustre.


Once upon a time, there lived a rabbit. This one wasn’t a usual rabbit, like we know from fairy-tales. Robin was his name and he was a very rabble one. He was constantly complaining and he didn’t get along with anybody in the forest, not even with the other rabbits. Robin was always alone but actually he didn’t care about that. He thought that the less you care the happier you are.

One day as he was hopping around in the unknown parterre, he saw a gourd hanging above him, on a tall elm tree. Because he in his nature was anxious, he was eager to get the juicy fruit down from the tree. But Robin wasn’t born to climb trees. So he gave it a little thought and since he had no friends, that lonely rabbit was forced to visit the local predictor, who lived inside of a mysterious and dark stump. No one ever dared to speak with the predictor, but Robin wasn’t afraid.

When Robin reached the Predictor’s home, he heard doubtful soca songs playing in the background. Robin stepped inside and saw the predictor doing some magic. When the predictor noticed Robin, he asked what was wrong. The rabbit started to grumble about his problem. The predictor took his time to deal with the question. For a moment it felt lacklustre for Robin. In the end the wizard came to a solution.

The predictor said that there was only one true solution. Robin had to paint awesome red stripes around the tree. The plan sounded strange for Robin, but nevertheless he was eager to get the fruit.  It became more unsavoury when he heard the other part of the ritual. In addition he had to sing a soca song around the tree exactly when the sun is highest in the sky. Robin thanked the predictor and left.

The rabbit waited for 7 days and 7 nights for the right moment. When the time came and the sun was highest in the sky Robin started to paint the stripes on the elm tree. When he finished painting he started to sing an old soca song and after a minute or two the ritual was over. It was a big sop for him when he saw the fruit actually falling down from the tree. But unfortunately it fell right on top of his head and he was literally squashed.


By Brain and Ingmar

Ingmar, Allan, Brain and Liis

Sitting in a daily peace

Eating sweet ice cream

They heard an awful scream

It was a cry for help from Greece.


Black glasses, black hair, black everything

Often wears suspicious voodoo bling

O that’s convenient,

She was not lenient,

I just called to say *DING*


By Allan, Brain, Ingmar, Liis


A wretched wagon,
winding in the weary water.
A son upon this wretched wagon,
“Look ahead, I see a dragon!”
As dad replies “Hush up boy,
don’t tell a lie, fib or tale,
now fetch my flagon,
I need more ale.”
As imagination became reality,
it brought along a fatality.
Now a father and a son,
lay in a gut of a dragon.

People bustling
staff hustling,
some are fighting
others underwriting.

Everyone’s heading somewhere
tonnes of excitement in the air.

Children are playing
occasionally yelling,
parents softly laying
they are also yelling.

Excitement goes, peace comes
noise stops, quietness stuns.

Couples start talking
after that touching,
suddenly smooching
finally laughing.

Life has finally settled down
like indigenous people wearing a gown.

People eating
forever drinking,
some go shopping
others just walking.

As some of us continue to stare
the rest very rarely care.

They are sleeping
I am writing,
they are talking
I’m still writing,
they are walking
I begin ogling.

We are all here together, side by side
and yet so alone that we need a guide.

The clock is ticking
sometimes it sticks me,
time is running out
everyone’s kicking about.

As if this place was a zoo, compulsory
like you couldn’t even go to the loo, contemporary.

One goes right
two go left,
three go straight
no one stays behind.

And so we are apart once more
walking out towards the fore
never together again.

Deep Water

Deep water, a hard path to follow

Deep water, inside, you feel so hollow

Deep water,  takes you right off course

Deep water, a negative encounter, of course

Deep water, takes your Party down

Deep water, gives your horse a frown

Deep water, your own life it reflects

Deep water, gives your carriage defects

Deep water, just some collective H2O

Deep water, more problems, than it shows

Deep water, here to ruin you’re day

Deep water, a sign you’re GOING THE WRONG WAY

Oh picture number two,
I don’t understand what’s going on.
Why are you guys in a river?
How did you get there?
I’m not even sure if that’s a river.
Those black and red things look like horses,
But I’m just assuming.
Man with the dark hat (or are you a boy?),
What’s wrong with your hand?

Oh picture number two,
You’re driving me insane.
I don’t want this confusion.
And I’m sorry, Mr. Constable,
If I somehow offended you – that was not my intention.
The colours are quite nice.
They’re okay.

(the Alright Wall of China)


Jack and Jill went up the hill

to take up the carriage, still

in  a lack of will

if silence  could only kill.

As the sun set

all around was disgustingly wet

with lost sense of direction

the men went sadly on.

As the water, still stood

Having nobody in the neighborhood.

As the carriage drove down the slope

Giving the men no further hope.

Equus ferus caballus

My brother, hold on a little bit longer,

I’ll take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Moving together as one we are stronger,

Pushing and pulling trees and boulders.

My brother, I fear not for myself but for you,

That the load is too heavy, the road too long.

That one day you’ll slip and fall down too

And without you I’m not half as strong.

My brother, have faith in my body and soul

Because I am just what you have made me.

Side by side we have lived and our whole

Lives are yet to be lived.

a poem

The Lady of Shalott
is sailing towards her doom
about her future she cares not,
all she wants is her groom.
She sinks her hopeless love
into the boat
and dreams about heaven above
as she passes out.
Quickly comes her end
and her love will always pend
Because when she reaches Camelot
She’s already dead for her Lancelot.

My Little Poem

The Lady of Shalott
You are there so sad
Is there anything bad
Which makes you mad?

And the men on a cart,
An empty decayed cart,
Why weren’t you so smart
To take the Lady at the start?

The lonely boat is waiting,
The cart wheel is wailing
Still, life goes on
With hope comes a swan.