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The second advent is very beautiful.


Have you lit a candle already?

Today is already the Second Advent and I didn’t even realise it. It’s probably because I really don’t care. Christmas isn’t a holiday I look forward to, it just isn’t that important to me. I never get a Christmas-feeling, I never dream of a White Christmas. Most of the Christmas commercials, gifts and decorations just annoy me. It’s all too materialistic to me. Of course I like having presents (actually I think that’s the only nice part of Christmas) but everything else… well, I just couldn’t care less. Oh, and I never have the patience (and even will) to buy gifts for my friends. Yeah, giving gifts is supposed to be a very sweet and really thoughtful, but I guess that I’m the type of person who likes getting presents more than making them. Maybe I’m being egoistic, but I think that I’m actually just dispassionate about being concerned of the small and quite irrelevant things in life.

Yesterday I went to Hortes. It’s supposed to be a flower shop slash gardening centre, but it was covered by all this horrible cheap Chinese Christmas-stuff. I don’t know anyone who actually buys that kind of things. When did it all become so horribly… profit-making? Why?

Dear diary,

It is already the Second Advent. Christmas seems to be here real soon! The huge amount of snow has created outside a real winter wonderland. Oh, I wish a had more time, so I could spend more time outdoors… Today it wasn’t really cold either. Sun was shining and it was the perfect weather to spend the day with your family sledding or skiing.

Advent season without mandarins is nothing. I have eaten so many mandarins that I feel eating another won’t be healthy anymore. During the school days I also have plenty of them in my bag. Every morning I take 5 or 6 mandarins with me. I especially like those which have a loose peel. The scent of mandarins brings a real Christmas feeling.

Time passes us so quickly that in a few weeks we can find ourselves opening the presents. The younger ones are already looking for the poems and learning them by hard. I remember I once felt the same excitement about Christmas too. Now, as the years have passed, I feel I don’t need presents at all. My only wish would be to forget the busy side of life and just enjoy the sweet advent season.

Advent Season

Advent season? Not for me – nonbeliever.

I forgot to light the candle… 🙁

Advent Season

I’ve been waiting for the snow for so long
and I can only be happy that it’s finally here,
as it aslo makes me sing Christmas songs
and feel that the season of happiness is near.

I feel joyful when I can lit few candles,
wait for the Elves to put a candy in my stocking,
to decorate whole apartment, and see who it handles
or listen when on my door will Santa be finally knocking.

I hope that I’m not the only one feeling like this,
otherwise my generosity won’t be appreciated by one
and won’t give a needed bliss,
but for those I can only wish… more sun.

The first candle has been lit.


Candles shine during the night,


When i sleep,

they will probably burn my carpet and the floor.

I only hope i wake up in time,

just to get out of the door and not die,

because i still hope to see the Santa in the sky.

Lit a few candles. Electrical ones.