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Conservative, politician, healthy, rich
Brother of David Cameron and other Conservative party members
Lover of his 5 children and second wife.
Who feels that people should do more sports, that people should eat more healthy and that young people shouldn’t drink so much.
Who needs the government to invest more money in cancer prevention, healthcare of pregnant women and promotion of healthy foods.
Who gives out free condoms, leaflets and new ideas to regulate the food industry.
Who fears having a new stroke, becoming ill and fat.
Who would like to see National Health System to achieve one and five year cancer survival rates above the European average, to minimize avoidable hospital acquired infections,
to increase the proportion of stroke victims who are able to go home and live independently.
Resident of South Cambridgeshire


educator, multicultural, conservative,happy face on every picture

brother of his brother and sister

lover of universities, Latin dancing and youtube

who feels that he is rich, that David Cameron is kind and that Japan is a good country

who needs support from South West Surrey,who needs to organize tours for random people and democracy

who gives motivation to sportsman, a lot of apologizes and love to his family

who fears Liverpool football fans, that he is never going to be elected again if the arrangements of the Olympic Games fail and that too many questions are asked from him on his web page

who would like to see a lot of visitors on his Twitter account

Resident of Farnham



Liberal Democrat, MP, PC.

Brother of polar bears.

Lover of Carina, journalism and his five children.

Who feels that water shouldn’t countain flouride, that he should be the leader of Liberal Democrats and that Nick Glegg should buzz off.

Who needs power, a younger woman and lots of money.

Who gives benefits to Eastleigh, frequent Twitter updates and hope for Earth.

Who fears press controversies, his ex-wife and the melting of ice caps.

Who would like to see a more ecologically conscious nation.

Resident of London



Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service, Leader of the Conservative Party.

Brother of Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and other former PMs.

Lover of Parliament, Government and the Queen.

Who feels himself as a big fan of M. Thatcher, a “liberal Conservative” and “not a deeply ideological person.”

Who needs to “fight” for Turkey’s membership of the European Union, because in his opinion the country is “vital for our economy, vital for our security and vital for our diplomacy”. (2010)

Who gives an idea for the Liberal Democrats to join Conservatives, but whose invitation is rejected by the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg. (2009)

Who fears that aspects such as high divorce rates and drug use are uninspiring for British Muslims, who in his belief have a duty to integrate into British culture.

Who would like to see all the politicians concentrating more on improving people’s happiness and “general well-being”, instead of focusing solely on “financial wealth”.

Resident of 10 Downing Street


Michael Andrew

Conservative, MP, journalist, father

Brother of knowledge

Lover of education, philosophy and writing

Who feels that schools should be free, curriculums changed and teachers more strict

Who needs his wife Sarah, his daughter Beatrice and his son William

Who gives hope to children, love to his family, advice to his party

Who fears ID cards, stupidity and injustice towards poor children

Who would like to see children from less privileged backgrounds to maximize their potential

Resident of London



Judicious, pawky, elderly, jaunty

Brother of all the members of Conservative party

Lover of Katherine Elizabeth Blagden, who is his spouse, his three sons and his military family, where he was born

Who feels a draught to protecting the environment, military issues and armed forces, because he served the Territorial Army for 13 years

Who needs to maintain nuclear weapons, allow corporal punishment in schools and ban smoking

Who gives speeches of bad sides of abortion and people the freedom of information and hunters the licence to kill foxes

Who fears that gays may have a right to marry in the future, post office closures and that euthanasia will be legal some day

Who would like to see England as a place without gambling, drugs and transsexuality

Resident of Dratford, Kent, England



 Previously named Gideon Oliver

 Brother of three, all part of the old Anglo-Irish aristocracy, known in Ireland as the Ascendancy.

 Lover of The Hon. Frances Victoria Howell, his new name and radical ideas. Possibly also tha fact that he is the heir to the Osborne baronetcy…I surely would be.

 Who feels metropolitan and socially liberal, hawkish on foreign policy and committed to cutting the state.

 Who needs to finally get his hands on the £4 million trust fond he has and stop avoiding taxes and getting into money related scandals.

 Who gives scandalising interviews and bad reviews on other politicians, such as describing Brown as likely to make an ‘effing awful’ Prime Minister.

 Who fears the UK doesn’t benefit from the EU, that his previously growing number of supporters may drop and that his wife doesn’t understand him:(

 Who would like to see Gordon Brown fail

 Resident of Westminster, London


Henry Edward Millar

Conservative, Taurus, British, efficient

Brother of all British nation

Lover of Jennifer, conservatism and Europe

Who feels that hospitals, police and education needs more investments

Who needs his kids, his wife and the welfare of Crawley

 Who gives effort to work well, to be a good representative and to keep the pension age the same

Who fears that hospitals, schools and art centres will not have enough money to survive

Who would like that all in Britain would be well 

Resident of Crawley