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I took on the impossible challenge, using a smartphone which doesn’t have any physical keys… blindfolded. Despite not knowing what I was supposed to do, exactly, I figured I should do something blindfolded, so I decided on using a smartphone.

Task #1: find an app (in my case, we7.com’s mobile player) that plays music, activate it, find a song and start playing it. Well, this took some time, to say the least. During this experiment, what I actually managed to do, was delete every e-mail I had on my phone (thankfully I had backups elsewhere), change my desktop background and call my home phone, none of which I was planning on doing. However, I did eventually find one of the two apps that play music, and initiate the playing of a song.

Task #2: find a charger in my flat, blindfolded, and plug my phone in. First, I touched a plant (I’m bloody afraid of plants!), then I managed to spill a bottle of mineral water. But I did manage to find a dock, and actually plug my phone in… blindfolded.


Conclusion: Smartphones are not meant for the blind. Don’t try to use one whilst blind(folded). Just don’t! You’ll end up causing more damage than using a good phone is worth.

My experience as a blind person was rather scary because I didn’t know where I was and that made me anxious. The only thing I had to rely on was Anna who told me how many steps I had to take or where should I turn. I don’t like to depend on someone. It makes me feel like I’m not useful. Some of my classmates knew where they were because they have been in TEC for almost 10 years but this is my first year and I got confused quite fast.
During this experiment I started to listen more carefully so that I won’t run into my schoolmate. A whole new world began.

To be honest, I actually can’t see without my lenses and I almost know how a blind person feels.
I also tried to be blind at home… just for fun and it turned out that it doesn’t matter if you can’t see at home because I knew exactly where I was. ¬†Even if I walk around at nights without putting any lights on I know where I am.