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As BBC news splashed on my screen, I was quite shocked what I saw there. “Stockholm blasts: Sweden probes ‘terrorist attack’“. Then I started to think, how vulnerable, we as Northern Europeans can really be. Always thinking, that we are too far from ‘danger zone’,just claiming, nothing could really happen to us.

Two explosions in central Stockholm took place in few minutes gap, killing one people and injuring two.

There are some speculations that those two explosions are related with lone operator, but why should anybody stand up against Sweden,widely known as democratic welfare society. Could it somehow be connected with the events in Iraq. And some records even mention an Iraq origin man, who is suspected to be a bomber. Is it possible that this was some kind of a warning. And should we, Estonians be more concerned about those events?

Not good, now you see, how many questions arose with this shocking news.

Before you read my post, check out this Website and most importantly look at the pictures. The pictures aren’t very good, but maybe then you can understand more, what I am talking about 🙂

So, I chose this news, because I’m quite tired of serious stuff and I visited my home town this weekend.

One of the darkest places in Pärnu’s down town has been renovated. They have put up some lights and garbage pins, cut down the brushwood and some trees, built bridges and paths. There’s also a lot of glittering snow and basically no people. It’s one of the most romantic places on Earth.

It was Saturday evening and my mom asked me to walk the dog. At first I wasn’t fascinated by the idea, because it was very cold and dark. But I forced myself to put on some warm clothes and take a 20-minute walk around the block. When I went outside I decided that I would walk to Vallikäär and check out, how the place had changed. 20-minute walk lasted for one and a half hours and when we got home me and my dog looked like frosty snowmen.