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the saddest moment of my life was when i was having some serious chest pains back in 2003 and i had to undergo a cardioversion. laying there in the hospital i was thinking what would happen if something happened to me there. i have a wife and four beautiful children who would be left behind.

when the doctors took me to my hospital room, it’s didn’t take long before cherie came to see me. at first she was upset that i hadn’t called her before and that the she only found out about my pain from the doctor who had called her on her cell. she then told me she came to the hospital as soon as she could. she was very worried, as usual, although i tried to tell her things aren’t as serious as they look. she was pampering me and asking me what she could do for me every five minutes and the next thing i know we are discussing my position as the prime minister and how badly it is influencing my health. i promised her (just to calm her down though) that i will do my best to get some of the work load off my shoulders but as you can imagine it’s not that easy to do.

but luckily here i am right now, healthy as a horse. and i am not the prime minister, the mp nor the leader of the labour party anymore so i guess i did my share in trying to work less so let’s just wait and see what happens, hoping for the best!

The thing that I regret most about my life is that I took a bribe.

In year 2009, while I was a peer in the House of Lords and I was in the Labour Party, I took bribe from lobbists, who needed their bill to get amended and for return my party would have got £ 72,000. Me and my three colleagues thought this amount of money will be very sufficent to our party. Now I feel so devastated for what I have done, because I was suspended from the House of Lords. Due to the Labour Party reputation I quit this party and I now have no intention to continue my politician career.

The thing that I regret most about my life is the fact that I was a somewhat rebellious youngster. Well, of course a great percentage of teenagers do foolish things, but to me it is really something I regret. It is widely known that when I was studying in Eton College, six weeks before taking my O-levels, I was found to have smoked cannabis. However, I managed to recover from this episode, did well in my exams and got accepted to Oxford. Although I was described as ”one of the ablest” students my tutor has ever taught, I managed to find time for other things as well- I became a member of the student dining society the Bullingdon Club. Everybody knows that this association is known (and not in a good way) for extreme drinking culture and damaging property; in 2007 a picture of me and the other club members was published, but fortunately it has now been withdrawn by the copyright holder. I am sure we all have done things which we later regret; luckily the wrongoings of ordinary people do not interest anyone as much as a bit of gossip about the Prime Minister’s past..

If I could live anywhere in the world, I would choose Britain, because I am a member of the Conservative Party and take part in running the country. I have been in several Governments so I am very experienced in politics. I like the Conservative views, but there is one area where my political views diverge from the Conservative ones. I am famous for my European integration views and I think that Britain should communicate more with the rest of the Europe. Being a member of the European Union helps the economy of Britain. The European Union, in my opinion, plays a big roll in trading and business.

Nick Clegg

If I could accomplish one more thing, I would learn to speak an another language. Yes, I can can speak quite a few, five to be exact – English, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish – but I believe that if there’s anything you need to learn, it’s languages. Besides, I find learning languages quite fun. Which language would I like to learn? Something less common maybe… Well, Russian would be a challenge, with the funny-looking letters and everything… And 20 years ago I spent a summer in Finland… I find Finnish very funny to listen to, but speaking it myself? I would be thrilled if I could speak the language. I mey not use it as often as, say, French or German, but no language is useless. Being able to speak Finnish would  also give me a good base to learn Estonian. With only about a million speakers, I find Estonian fascinating! It’s very similar to Finnish. I’ve heard it a few times, and I must say, the thing that fascinated me the most, was one of the dialects I heard. The difference between the ”official” Estonian and the dialects is at least a thousand times more interesting than the difference between BBC’s recieved pronunciation and a northener’s accent.

Conservative, politician, healthy, rich
Brother of David Cameron and other Conservative party members
Lover of his 5 children and second wife.
Who feels that people should do more sports, that people should eat more healthy and that young people shouldn’t drink so much.
Who needs the government to invest more money in cancer prevention, healthcare of pregnant women and promotion of healthy foods.
Who gives out free condoms, leaflets and new ideas to regulate the food industry.
Who fears having a new stroke, becoming ill and fat.
Who would like to see National Health System to achieve one and five year cancer survival rates above the European average, to minimize avoidable hospital acquired infections,
to increase the proportion of stroke victims who are able to go home and live independently.
Resident of South Cambridgeshire

DC the PM


The Prime minister of the United Kingdom

Brother of  Allan, Tania and Clare

Lover of banks, motorists and reforms

Who feels duty, confident and the need for smaller bonuses

Who needs drugs, crtiticism and his bycicle

Who gives comments, promises and a reason to read about politics at bbc.com

Who fears the Liberals, Laborists and his Scotish clan ancestors

Who would like to see Nick Clegg eat dust

Resident of 10 Drowning Street