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Big, beautiful
Breathing, Living, Providing
Trees let us breathe

Melting ice caps = empty snow globe.

Living green is pretty important. Unfortunately I don’t live very green. I do care about the enviroment but I don’t do much to save it. I think that Global Warming is also overrated. I have read and heard many stories that Global Warming is actually a lie. I kind of agree with those stories because heavy snow in November does not say Global Warming to me.

I haven’t done any radical changes in my life to save nature but I try to turn off lights that are not really in use. This year I took part of Earth Hour. It takes part every year in spring. You have to turn off everything that takes electricity for an hour. My parents did not want to participate but I made them. It was actually quite fun. We lit candles and played Monopoly. It would be pretty awesome if every person in the world would participate Earth Hour.

Save Earth, save yourselves. Go green!

For me: saving energy, sorting garbage.

Is this car green? No, red.

Build houses from natural materials;
do not eat any of those modern cereals,
use energy as rarely as you can-
it will lengthen the nature’s lifespan.

Why are you wasting all that energy?!
Why can’t doctors use less energy on a surgery?
Why don’t we all try gaining it from wind or sun?
It would probably be even more fun!

Just try to save some more resources-
it will benefit us all and all of our finances.
Live like everyone did back in the 1st millenium-
don’t waste anything that can be used for reviving the Byzantium.

Never use more than you need!

i cant waste stuff, world sucks!