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  If I was the ’Round Table’ in the Arthurian times, my life would be very interesting. It is exciting to be surrounded by the mightiest knights of all. I get to hear about their plans every day. It is really awesome to hear how passionately Arthur, the mighty King talks. Especially, when he was planning to defeat the Saxons. The way he ordered and talked to the others scared even me. He was so eager to fight against the Saxons and he was very excited after he defeated them. I like it a lot, when all the knights sit around me and discuss, because everyone is aloud to say something and everyone is equal.

Diary of a Celt

Dear diary,

Today has been a very emotional day for me. It had been certain for a long time that the king of our tribe was dying. This morning, the dreadful news arrived – the spirits had taken him during the night. The people mourned. Every man and woman in our tribe gathered together as we buried him and graved his name in the tombstone. In 10 days, the new king will be chosen. Our druid priest says the spirits favour me as the new chief. If I was to be the new king, I would have to prove myself worthy of the title. And I am ready.

Now that our king is dead and our tribe is in mourning, we have 10 days of peace. Our neighbouring clans must respect our deceased king and they will not attack us for some time now. The warriors, and myself, find this completely awful – we simply need to kill someone, at least one enemy per day! We Celts are very war-loving people. It is the way it is.


Entry nr558

This was just another morning, waking up and hoping that the previous happenings have been just awful nightmare. But it was not the way I’d like it to be, for instance some hours ago my best friend John passed away. He was a kind of person, who was holding up our will of living and existing. Now when he is gone I realize how important he really was. For now I am not even sure, if I am eager to live anymore. After all I have seen few days it is no wonder why I have lost any will of continuing. This awful disease has spread to everyone except me. I would not consider myself lucky for that anymore. Because the worst experience of all is to see your closest dying day by day.

So that might be my very last post in my diary. We could never be sure when the plague gets to us.

J.Mark (28 January 1666)

Oh, please. Why does one young man need to have such a burden on one’s shoulders? How long can I bear it, I do not know. Every night, when the men are not around, I force myself to clutch that fountain pen and write, write about anything, just to feel that somehow I still am connected to the World. See, life in Britannia, my birthplace, was splendid- my people, my duties and my home. Everything was fine and sound… until the men came, captured me and traded me for goods. So this is what a man’s life is worth? Now I am here, stuck between those four walls, have not seen daylight for years and every single day being told what, how and when to do something. I would never venture to return to Britannia, but oh, how I wish to see Gaul. The land, where I could open my soul and devote my life to religion and helping those poor people, who have suffered from so many difficulties. Deep inside I know, one day God will show me my true path.


Dear Diary,                                                                                                       4th May  1536

These are probably going to be the last words I will ever put down on the paper and share with you..
Remember when I told You about the awful day when I brought to the land this poor little girl, whose excistance was not appreciated even by the one who put the seed of this gentle flower grow in me.
That was the day my husband lost all the respect and warm feelings he had ever had towards me. But I believe, that it was the punishment I deserved for not being able to give birth to the male heir, the new king, who would become the head of our country.
I have never told you about that, but after the birth of unwanted female heir, I tried to give birth also to other children, male children, who would make Henry proud and happy. But for the greatest sorrow I miscarried three children, so that the first child remained the only possible heir..
I was so ashamed, that I was ready to escape with Elizabeth, the one flower I had in my life, the one to love, who nobody else seemed, in order to stop hurting my  husband.
But Henry was more mad than I could ever had expected. He got possesed by all the cruelty existing in him and got me arrested and sent to the Tower of London, where I am right now.
The only voice I can hear, is the whisper of several guardians behind the wall. But I am not scared or disappointed at all, as I know that all of this is only my own fault and no-one else could have changed my problems with Henry.

I should probably enjoy the last sunrises and sunsets I have been left to see and pray for my Elizabeth, to be sure, that even after I will be long gone from this world, she will still be protected and loved.

With all the greatest Love and Hope,

Your Anne

October 2nd, 1454

Things aren’t going so well. After the King has been taken ill, the Nevilles have gained power, electing Lord of York as Protector. They have been very hard on my husband, Henry Percy. We have lost our places in the House of Lords and many domains have been taken from us. Our dear friend and the King’s favourite Duke of Somerset has been imprisoned in the Tower, and for what! There is not much that we can do but hope for the King’s recovery. He will surely set things right once he is back on the throne.

I don’t know what will happen once he will though. When Henry has his powers back he will make sure the Nevilles will not walk away from this injustice.

February 27th, 1455

It is as I’ve feared! When the King recovered his health, Lord of Somerset was released and in return allied himself to us. Henry couldn’t be happier, but I’m scared. We have regained everything we lost and also what has been taken from the Nevilles. They were publicly dismissed from their government posts, but they may have gone too far. Lord of York and his allies the Earls of Salisbury and Warwick fled London and it is whispered that they have wasted no time in raising an army. I no longer know which story to believe, who to trust, what does that mean to us.

Elizabeth I

Diary entries of Captain Bigfoot in 1588

I woke up this morning late, just came back from Netherlands, one trader from Nottingham needed someone to deliver his goods. I think it would have been better if i had stayed in Netherlands…

So as i was saying, i woke up this morning late, willing to start another normal day as a captain in the Royal Navy. Got dressed and went to the docks to see Mike, hoping that i could soon sail out again. I was in desperate need of some money i owned to a local taverner…

I have arrived to Cornwall i could not see Mike, only a note on my cabin desk: All Captains of The Royal Navy of Her Highness report to London immediately. I am feeling confused, i had not been to London for three months already…

I have arrived to London, i still could not think out a good reason for all this nonsense. I just hoped i would not be banned of my position by Sir Francis Drake, as we do not get along very good…

As i got to the Royal Navy Hall i saw all 89 captains standing nervously, discussing. I heard there are rumors of Spanish Armada attack. Sir Francis confirmed the rumor…

It is great that i got to the ship in time. I do not want to waste my life for England, what in few hours will not even exist. Fortunately the King of Spain promised me a good deal…

Last known entry from the Captain

They found me near Calais. Actually i am relieved, running away from the British for two years was not what i had really expected. They are taking away my diary in some minutes, so this is my last entry. I just hope He understands me more than the British…

The Middle Ages

Dear Diary,

Today was exhausting. I am so tired and after I have written this diary entry I am going to sleep straight away. I had to do so much work today. I woke up with the sun and now it is midnight. I am a peasant and it means I have to pay the taxes and I don’t get anything back. I only see the rich lords who build themselves huge castles and wear beautiful clothes. I also have to pay tithe to the church. This is 1/10 of the harvest I get I have to give to the church. Tomorrow I have to work on the church’s land and I won’t get anything back from that work.
Life is miserable, but I never lose hope. I hope that one day I am the landlord who collects the taxes and wears beautiful clothes.


Dear diary,

I feel so devastated. I haven’t had nothing to eat for months. The whole Irish nation is suffering from this years crops failure. People say that almost half of our nation has died and it’s all because of those protestants. I despise them. The English are still importing meat, however no one in Ireland has NOTHING to eat. Those heartless creatures. What kind of people are they? Murderers – that’s how we call them here. Irish will never forgive England for this genocide against our race.

I don’t know what to do. I am getting really weak and I feel so helpless. However, there is one alternative. A lot of us are emigrating to America. They say that everyone could get land there and there’s plenty of food. However, the journey will be very difficult. The ships to America are called the “coffin ships”, because a lot of people die on board.

Saint Patrick, give me strength to make the right decision.

20th Century

Dear Diary,

The first fit [episode] of my new radio programme “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” appears to have gone down very well. People appear to have liked it very much, despite the fact that it was broadcast late in the evening. Even my new friend, Richard the biologist congratulated me for it. I already have a christmas special planned, if only the beeb [BBC] would commission it!

I’ve even heard that they are planning on making a TV programme out of it, or even a film! But I have little hopes for it at the moment, despite the initial apparent success. I was also offered to write a script for Doctor Who after I sent them a copy of the script to my programme, which sounds promising, except I have no ideas for writing it.

Until next time,

Douglas Adams (March 15th, 1978)