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..I’d bring in some serious changes in all aspects of schoollife. New curriculum, new subjects, new extracurricular activities, just to name a few. I’d attempt to create a school where students would like to go while maintaining a high level of education and efficiency in teaching. Everything must be in perfect harmony.

First things first. New curriculum. My idea is for the first 6 forms every subject is mandatory and from 7th form onwards each student could choose the subjects he or she likes best. The number of subjects a student has to take would gradually increase up to 9th form. After that, the student would choose to specialise in a small number of subjects and drop some others which are not needed anymore. I envision it to be something akin to the IB system. This way, they can study subjects that really matter to them and are interested in. As a bonus side effect, they wouldn’t want to skip their new classes.

New subjects that I would implement would include economics and management (for future corporate leaders), social studies and politics (obviously for future politicians), astronomy (for those who show interest towards the stars and planets) and environment and ecology (separate from biology). I plan on having longer breaks and longer periods, both of them lead to longer schooldays. However, the amount of homework is reduced quite significantly to help the students cope with the lengthy days without demoralising them too much.

Extracurricular activities are for extra credit. I would plan to have some specific subject clubs (physics club, for instance) and some more fun ones as well. I thought about creating a model Parliament for social studies and politics. I imagine it to simulate the mechanics and inner workings of the real Parliament while discussing policies and problems in my school. I think that this would make for quite a good learning experience for future politicians as it develops their critical thinking, possible consequences of their decisions and it would be fun as well.

This is my idea of a perfect school. Students not skipping classes, new curriculum system, little homework. This is also the school I’d like to go to. In today’s society education is of the utmost importance as it contributes directly to the future of young people.

…  I would to some changes. I would make it a place were kids want to go. For example, I would participate in some lessons to see how the teachers do while they’re teaching and I would give them my feedback. I would also make some changes in the curriculum (or at least do a little experiment to see how students cope with the new curriculum and then see if it works for students or not).
I would also hold staff meetings to hear what they think about our school life and how to make it better. I would also ask students what do they expect from our school.
There would be a srict discipline because school can’t work when the students run around and do nothing. I would make sure that the teachers were strict but not too harsh and the students would obey the rules. I would also make a rule about going to the cafeteria that not until 12 o’clock basic school can’t go there because high school can’t go to eat before that and after 12 o’clock everyone can go to the cafeteria. I think it’s fair enough.

To sum up, I’d say that our headmaster has done very good job. I like the fact that he has brought in the IB curriculum and put on effort to make our school a better place.

If I were the headmaster of our school, or any school, then well, there would be some radical changes in school life. First of all, I would give my school an awesome name. Something like: The Incredible School of Great Kids Who Learn Lots of Fun Stuff, or School of Pure Awesomeness.

Second, I would introduce new subjects to the curriculum (national curriculum – not for us).  Primary school kids would have two new subjects: Pirating Class (as in pirates, the seamen), which would teach kids how to get what they want in life while having fun, and Princess Training, where girls would learn everything there is to learn about being a girl. The first one would be for boys and second one for girls. But naturally, if a kid wanted to choose the other one, it would be completely okay. For older kids, there would be Paintball, which teaches teamwork, or Popular Culture Studies, which is just cool.

There would be no boring assemblies where I would lecture them on whatever subjects. Once a week, however, there would be some kind of gatherings. For example, a silent rave party at the assembly hall, where all students would come together, put on their headphones and songs of their own liking and rave out. Or a concert where I would hire only the coolest bands to play. And the students wouldn’t have to sit properly and quietly, but they could sing along and dance and have fun.

My school would be one where no student would skip a lesson, because they like it so much!