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“”Keep moving!” spoke John Barrowman on television, dubiously. Henry watched the small screen feeling sadness. Something was about to happen, though, what? Suddenly, a car crashed into said person’s house. “It is our idiot box’s geezer!” somebody yelled across Wilhelm street. ¬†Now that drop-dead gorgeous man has no functional Porsche, yet another reason for speculation over his appearance, transmitted manifestations plus local occurrences.” wrote Adam Johnson in “Manliest¬†Mysteries”

Walking down a dark alley, Jeremy felt strange tickles down at his feet. He stopped to think for a second and untied two sets of colourful shoelaces. Sneakers removed, it all became clear. Horrified screams were heard miles away. Naked feet shined in the streetlight. This morning, however, there had been red socks…


Kelly screamed. Blood ran in streams across their living room floor. James’ body laid there, lifeless and still. ,,Who would do such a thing?!” she sobbed, kneeling down. Suddenly, mrs Green heard footsteps. Her heart froze as the killer revealed himself.