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President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez banned one TV show, because there were characters called Hugo and Venezuela. Venezuela was a fat lady with great ego and Hugo was her very small and pityful dog. The President commented that this TV show discriminates the country and mocks the president.
I don’t think this kind of action was a right thing to do, becauses now H. Chavez has shown his weak side and I believe there will be many more occasions like this in the future. One reason why this has happened might be because of the president posture and his doings in the past, which makes people do such things. The other is that people of Venezuela want to free themselves out from the boundaries and to move along with the world while making inappropiate shows, etc.

As BBC news splashed on my screen, I was quite shocked what I saw there. “Stockholm blasts: Sweden probes ‘terrorist attack’“. Then I started to think, how vulnerable, we as Northern Europeans can really be. Always thinking, that we are too far from ‘danger zone’,just claiming, nothing could really happen to us.

Two explosions in central Stockholm took place in few minutes gap, killing one people and injuring two.

There are some speculations that those two explosions are related with lone operator, but why should anybody stand up against Sweden,widely known as democratic welfare society. Could it somehow be connected with the events in Iraq. And some records even mention an Iraq origin man, who is suspected to be a bomber. Is it possible that this was some kind of a warning. And should we, Estonians be more concerned about those events?

Not good, now you see, how many questions arose with this shocking news.

Some of the weirdest and most scientifically wonderful new species that have been discovered since the beginning of the century are featured in a BBC Documentary, Decade of Discover. Animals like the big red jellyfish, the grey-faced sengi, the bamboo shark, the kipunji (a monkey), the Langkawi bent-toed gecko and the pygmy three-toed sloth. Plants like the carnivorous pitcher plant and the giant slipper orchid.

After reading this article, I was really happy that zoologists and biologists are still discovering new species. The videos under the same article showed some of these animal and plant species. My favourite was the pygmy sloth. The creature was the cutest thing ever! Not exceptionally good-looking (picture Sid from Ice Age), but it was completely oblivious to the cameras and people around it. It was just hanging form a tree and sleeping. And when it did move, it was unbelievably slow. One man was holding it and cuddling it and the sloth looked like it had just woken up and had no idea what was going on but didn’t care either. The pygmy sloth lives on a remote nature reserve island where there are no people living. It has developed the ability to swim – it floats on water and waves its long “hands” with enormous claws.

I wish I could live on a remote island in the Caribbean, not have a care in the world, sleep all day and sleep all night. And hang. A lot.

Pygmy three-toed sloth

A German tourist was attacked and killed by a shark while snorkelling. This incident took place in the Red Sea by Sharm el Sheikh. The elderly German woman had dies instantly after the attack. She was bitten from the thigh and arm. Earlier this week, four other people have been attacked by sharks, but non of them have been killed. The Egyptians have said that they captured the sharks which attacked the people earlier in the week. The Egypt’s enviorment ministry caught and killed two sharks. Therefore, they re-opened the waters because they did not think that it would be unsafe. These shark attacks might have an impact on the tourim to the most popular diving spot in the world. The Tourism Minister was surprised himself. He said that this kind of an incident has never happened before and that it was very unnatural. Many different reasons have been discussed to which might have caused this incident. One of the main reasons might be overfishing. Less fish in the middle of the sea gives more reasons for the sharks to search for food near the shore.

I have been fortunate enough in my (so far) short life to have seen a giant panda. I remember when I went to Berlin with my family and much thanks to my begging we visited, among other sites, the zoo. I managed to capture on video a cute panda sitting in his cage and chewing a carrot. After some research I found out that his name is Bao Bao, he’s 32 and is the oldest male panda living in captivity. How could one not love a panda bear?

So now scientists at the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Centre in China say that they have perfected the difficult task of reproducing pandas, having reached their target of successfully raising 300 of the bears in captivity. This breakthrough should lead to the first panda being reintroduced into the wild within 15 years.

The article was at times quite funny and BBC kindly provided some videos (be sure to check them out) which were really cool. One video was about two pandas trying to find the ‘magic’ to make little baby pandas but they weren’t really feeling it.

I really hope pandas can be saved. I hope they have enough bamboo to last for centuries and more. And what would be even cooler? Estonia having its own panda bear in Tallinn Zoo!

Egypt is a scary place,
where you have to play a game of chase.
In the water where you bathe,
a creature lurks you from the shade.

At first you see its fin,
then for life you must swim.
But the chances are
you will never make it far.

Now the sea is red
and the German woman is dead.
The killer was an awful shark,
why can’t they just feed on bark?

I had been looking for an interesting piece of news for several days, and I was happy to find a news written on a theme that I have always been interested in. The heading “Do you really want to live longer?” fascinated me and made me want to read the article as fast as possible.
The main topic in that article was that scientists at Harvard medical school reversed the ageing process in elderly mice. They said that it could be done with people too in some years time, but then some  questions occured in my head: How will it affect the population? Will we be happy with our lives?
The article didn’t answer to these questions, but I think, that if people would be given an opportunity to live longer, they wouldn’t appreciate it as much, as they should. Majority of people would get bored of living for a long time and they still wouldn’t to anything to fit up they free time. But in my opinion life is given to us to enjoy every sight we see, every person we find good talking to and emotions occuring during lifetime. If we stopped appreaciating these things, then life would lose its value.
Secondly, if people would live longer and wouldn’t die, then the population of Earth would grow rapidly and cause lots of problems, that couldn’t be solved easily. Who needs more problems than we already have?
In conclusion I think that the development of medicine is highly important, but the elongation of our lives isn’t that good idea, if you really think about it..

We were trapped inside a pub for eight days
and there were no other ways
to play cards or sleep
or during the nights count the sheep

We had a fun time
which was one of a kind
Some drank beer and laughed
others drank tea and coughed

So, Wikileaks has been on the news — again.

Apparently, Wikileaks has exposed some pretty sensitive material, for example, the US secretary of state Hillary Clinton ordering US embassies and intelligence services to collect information on UN leaders and diplomats, including DNA and computer passwords, also, Berlusconi (Italian PM) being called “feckless, vain and ineffective” and Sarkozy called “thin-skinned” by US diplomats.

Personally, I support Wikileaks, and I believe in governmental transparency. However, in some cases, this can become a security risk, such as, when locations of secret US or NATO bases, for example, in Iraq or Afghanistan are disclosed within the documents/”cables”, are published for potential terrorists to see, and in those cases I do not support full transparency, even though I am a pacifist, and do not support the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan – this would create an even bigger loss of lives.

Full governmental transparency is, in principle, good, since it allows the people to see what their elected officials are up to. However, in practice, as I mentioned before, it does have a few problems, namely the fact that in this day and age, whatever is published online, is accessible for everyone — and that includes potential terrorists, other governments’ officials, international news organisations, etc.– and this is not good. It can ruin perfectly good relationships between nations due to the humanity of government officials. However, I’d adapt an original quote by Carl Sagan, the American astronomer, to fit this topic: It is far better to know the truth, than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring. (Original, unadapted quote on BrainyQuote, LINK)

The News

I opened webpage – BBC

To watch the one-minute world news.

My first idea: “Can’t believe!”

Came after watching moments fews.

I imagined all the boys,

Watching news, like children toys.

Joonas, Andres, most excited,

Hit my mind at once as lightning.

My thoughts may kind of stupid seem,

But they are caused by report theme:


FIFA World Cup.

The next competitions will be held in Russia (2018) and in Qatar (2022). Congratulations!