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an angry exchange: I didn’t get really angry the last week. I’m generally a calm person and don’t get angry easily. Though there are some cases when I get angry because I think I am mistreated, for example I am given a bad grade at school even though I think I don’t deserve it.

something unpleasant: I felt quite ill in the beginning of the week. Luckily I got better fast and was even able to go to school at the end of the day because I had to retake my math test.

an out-of-place object: seems like a lot of things in my room are not where they are supposed to be. And it seems that I have lost my headphones, but those I can’t find anymore.

something fresh, new, or unused: I haven’t gotten much new things in the last week. Though the “school feeling” has come back. Last weekend I felt like I was still on break.

a well-loved object: There are two objects. First, the guitar – gives me a lot to do and I never get bored with it. Second, the computer. It would probably be very hard to do homework or any kind of things without it.

a lost or forgotten object: My headphones. They have been gone for a few days now. I remember them being on my table somewhere, but they’re just not here anymore. If I still won’t find them after a week or so, I’m probably going to buy new ones.

something well-used: well-used as in used a lot? Probably the computer and the guitar. When I’m at home these are my primary entertainment sources.

a home-made or hand-made object: I haven’t really created any special object, but occasionally I do make food or drinks. For instance, I like to mix together vanilla ice-cream and coke. When a right amount of both is put, it is really delicious!

An angry exchange

A couple of days ago I had an ”angry exchange” with my gas boiler. Everyone who has it knows that there’s a small flame inside and if the water level is too low, it will go out and there will no longer be any hot water. I have been living in this apartment for almost half a year now and not until a week ago, this flame has never simply gone out. Now it’s a different story- it has already happened 3 times and it makes me feel really frustrated, because although I know the theory, in my case this heater is a very sensitive one, so even if I’m doing everything correctly, it still does not react. Last time it took me almost 2 hours to get it back and I was already feeling miserable, because none of my friends know how to use a gas boiler, so if I had not been able to make the flame reappear, I would have had to cope with cold water only for an unlimited amount of time..

Something unpleasant

Since I have a ”thing” for things not working, I’m going to continue that line. In my case something unpleasant is my laptop, which for some reason has become so slow that I have to click on a webpage 3 minutes before I want to open it. For me it’s a problem, because since the guy who helps me with all sorts of computer-related issues lives in my homeplace, Lääne-Viru county, I would have to send my laptop there. Owing to the fact that I obviously have only one laptop, I would be laptopless and I really can’t see any ways of handling my school stuff when we live in the era of e-school and everything is digital. On the other hand, I also can’t cope with a laptop that slow, because even during this piece of writing I have wanted to check the dictionary for a number of words, but I just can’t do that, because I would probably reach a dictionary by tomorrow morning.

An out-of-place object

This morning, as I was going from Kadriorg to the city centre to my workout, I noticed that something had been added to the political posters of IRL. Next to Mart Laar’s and Ken-Martti Vaher’s faces had been glued white pieces of paper saying ”NOT VOTING=POLITICAL STATEMENT.” In my opinion not voting is an apolitical statement, because there are so many ways in which to make yourself heard- if you do not support a certain party, you can always choose a single candidate. If you feel that none of the offered candidates/parties are up to your expectations and you are the one who should rule- become a candidate yourself. Therefore in my opinion not voting is not a political decision.

Something fresh, new, or unused

Over the weekend a very good friend of mine visited me and together we made the most heavenly fresh pasta I have ever tasted. It included shrimps, whipped cream and amber, but since I am not a great cook, it’s pretty much the new tip of my skills and the newest recipe I have- it’s easy to make, tastes excellent and is an alternative to my usual ‘pasta with chilli sauce.’

A well-loved object

Yesterday I had a look at a photo of me (when I was about 7) and my brothers (when they were a couple of months old), which is pretty much the only physical (non-digital) thing that represents a part of my family that I took with me when I moved away. I love this picture because my brothers, who now are as fit and sportive as you can imagine, were three cute round-shaped little teddy bears; I also look really happy and it always makes me feel peculiar to think that my brothers are now older than I was in this picture.

A lost or forgotten object

A few moments ago, as I was cleaning my drawers, I found a golden chocolate medal. Since it had the symbol of an Euro on it, it had probably been given to someone for their first Euro-shopping and that someone had given it to me (if you remember, Selver was sharing golden Euro medals during the first days of the Euro). What a nice surprise! 🙂

Something well-used

The award of ”something well-used” goes to a simple staple punch. I have had it for as long as I can remember, it is red, matte and perfect in any sense and most importantly- it just fulfilled its duty and stapled together two most perfect pieces of paper.

A home-made or hand-made object

This week my sister, who lives in Tartu, visited me and all of her good friends in Tallinn. One of the people she visited was a fresh father, to whom a baby boy had been born a month ago. My sister gave him a beautifully drawn picture, which she had asked someone to draw especially for him. The picture portrayed a small baby with huge beaming eyes and the style of the picture reminded me of Navitrolla. I hope they will keep the picture and once the boy is already older, he will be able to look at the picture and think that it was given to him just after his birth- and maybe have a nostalgic moment.

An angry exchange

I have to say that during this week nothing like this happened. First part of the week I was happy and bubbly all the time, so I didn’t notice any angry fights. Second part of the week I felt really bad most of the time and again I focused on myself rather that seeing, what is going on around me.

Okey, I’m actually lying. My mom and sister have arguments all the time. It’s like part of their daily routine. They just have to find even the littlest thing that they don’t agree on and make a big fuss out of it. Most of the time those fights are because of studying. When you are 10 years old young lady, you like to spend more time outside playing with your buddys rather than studying math at home.

Something unpleasant

After almost two months of normal breathing, my breathing-disorder came back. And I have nothing else to say…

An out-of-place object

Oo..I can name a couple of those. For example…some clean socks are on the cupboard, because my sister hasn’t put them into the drawer. Some books are lying on the floor (I have no idea why?). My purse is also there. Very un-lady-like. Now I realized my room desperately needs cleaning.

Something fresh, new or unused

My mom bought me new boots. I totally love them!!! I would be very overjoyed, if I could marry my boots :)! The only bad thing I think of is that the heels are nine centimeters high. Lucky me, I haven’t fallen with them on ice, YET.

1 eek!!! STIILSED 2011 SOOJAD SAAPAD>>>valige suurus ja värv

A well-loved object

Everything in my room. Seriously! I throw away all the things I don’t need and keep all the things that are useful in some way or are very near to my heart. But if I have to choose one, it would me a little crystal thingy that my best friend gave me on my birthday. It didn’t cost much, but it came from her heart and it was so sweet gift.

A lost or forgotten object

First thing that came to my mind was the picture of my heart. Yes, My Real Heart that is inside of me. When I was in hospital lin September, doctors made a picture of my heart, which they told was absolutely healthy. And I wanted a copy and I got it. I had totally forgotten that I have it.

Something well-used

I bought pizzastrudel during our big break. I was so hungry that it kept me going for hours :D…First time, money was well-used!!

A home-made or hand-made object

I cleaned my drawer some days ago and I found a yellow hand-made bunny. It was given to me by my ex-best friend on Valetine’s Day. For a second, I thought that it would be quite awesome to burn it. But I’m not that mad! I just threw it away, like I threw away all the memories I had with that person. It felt pretty good to turn a new page.

Scavenger hunt

My something unpleasant is of course the fact that I’m ill. I have bronchitis and although it’s just a mild case, it’s very very annoying, because I can’t go outside. I don’t have a fever and I’ve gotten pretty strong by now, so I can do anything I want inside, but I can’t go out, which, frankly, sucks.

My out-of-place object is my huge dresser. Most of the furniture in my room is very small, compact, light and simple. But my dresser is huge, dark brown and with wooden ornaments, so it’s more of an antique style. It doesn’t really go with the rest of the furniture, but I love it and it’s definetly my favourite piece of furniture in our apartment.

My home- and hand-made object is my notebook. I made it myself from scrach. It’s covered with yellow fabric and has a black ribbon cross it, with what you can tie the notebook, if you understand what I mean. Inside, it has simple white pages, about 40 of them, I didn’t really count, while making the notebook. I use it to jot down different thoughts and verses that pop into my head and to doodle and sketch when I’m bored.

My well-loved object is definately my iPod touch. Despite my love for it, I haven’t treated it well: its screen is broken and it’s worn. But I love it. I can listen to music, I can surf the web, I can play games, I can watch movies… I bought it after a year of claiming that ”Apple = their logo”. Recently, to show my love and affection towards it, I had my mom knit a pocket for it, so it won’t freeze in the winter. I must say, that it was with an implication: to keep it going, so I can listen to music while waiting for the bus.

An angry exchange.
It seems as if my both parents have stepped out of the bed in this morning using their left leg. It is more often me, who is suffering under mild mood swings, but today my parents just can’t stop the arguing and criticizing each other because of unessential daily matters. Once they have realized it, they are able to remain calm for about an hour and just exactly when I have eventually arrived at the point of total concentration on my school-work, I can hear their nagging again from the room next to mine. It’s disturbingly ironic.

my scavenger hunt


my friend is obsessed with moleskine notebooks and having found out they’re only sold in one particular shop in estonia, we went there. for those of you who don’t know, moleskine is a notebook company that has hand-made notebooks and the smallest one, which is like ~5x8cm, costs about 100 kroons. at first i was skeptical about it thinking no notebook deserves a price like that but having touched the paper it really felt amazing, no joke. moleskine notebooks are famous for having been used by vincent van gogh, picasso, angelina jolie and many others.

An angry exchange – On Friday I was walking towards the bus station and saw one older lady walking possibly with her grandson. It was quite slippery and the boy fell down. Instead of helping the boy, she started to yell at this little boy who might have been 4 or 5. She twisted his hand, pulled him up and still yelled at him. The little boy started to cry and I was quite angry with myself because there wasn’t really anything I could do. I just kept walking and tried to forget what I just saw.

This is my first time on a scavenger hunt, so I do not expect to win it. I got my list and I chose to start off with easier items.

The first item I came across was a ten day old bottle of milk, left lying in the nearby parking lot. The midsummer sun had done it´s job so I  smelled the horrible reek before I saw the package. I was so close to vomiting. I held my breath and went closer to examine the object. It was “Tere” milk with the expiring date a week ago. I quickly ran away to search for the next object.

After walking for few minutes, I saw this used-car sales park. I decided to go and look for something interesting. Most of the cars there were in bad shape or/and too expensive, but at last I came across to this amazing offer.  It was a mid-90s Mercedes-Benz with a price tag of just a little over 2000 Euros. Usually with these sorts of price tags you find rusty cars, in bad chape. But this Merc was different. It was completely black, without any signs of rust, as if it had been just painted. The black leather interior seemed untouched and even the stereo was exchanged for a modern Alpine one. The black alloy wheels were probably worth half the price of the car. I liked the car, so I decided to have a test drive. I got to test the car for 24 hours. This gives me a chance in the scavenger hunt.  But first I have to test the car on the road. The diesel engine isn´t too loud, but has enough power to do a burnout. The automatic gearbox seems to be working fine, changing gears correctly. The handling is very good. The car seems to eat corners and at the same time is comfortable. Steering is very precise. Only error which I noticed, was the rear-axel making noises. But that is probably easy to fix.

The first stop I made was at the gas station. I filled the gas tank to the brim, because I wanted to know the fuel consumption of the car. The first thing I noticed, while getting out of the car, was a yoyo lying on the ground. Someone had probably lost it. I hadn´t seen one of these for years now. Noone is playing with a yoyo nowadays. I decided to keep the yoyo, to play with it when I get bored. After finding the yoyo, I went to pay for the fuel. I had this brand new 20 Euro bill, which still had this good money smell on it. It was a pity to give it away.

My next stop was at a local marketplace. I saw a couple of men carrying fresh bananas to the market. I decided to go and have a look around the market and buy some fresh bananas. I found the booth, which sold the bananas. These fresh bananas were just a bit greenish, which are the best tasting bananas, so i bought some bananas. The booth didn´t only sell banans, but sold pineapples, grapes, apples and so on. The very wierd thing was that they sold all of these fruits along with screwdrivers and bombshells. Very unusual. The next booth sold warm gloves. The shopkeeper told me that they were homemade, which I really didn´t believe. Since they were very cheap, I decided to purchase them. It was already the afternoon and I decided to drive home. I parked the car in front of my house.

The next morning I woke up, the car had been stolen. What will i do now?

Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday was my fist time of vistiting a chiropractor. I have always had back problems because of my hobby, which is horse riding. It was very interesting, shocking and new experience for me! The chiropractor wringed and twisted my body, neck and back so that I heard some cracking sounds. He also massaged some sore spots of my shoulders, which was so painful. But in general, my back is feeling much better now.

Something unpleasant

Yesterday while waiting for my order at Rocca al Mare’s cafe I saw a little boy climbing on the ledge and I remember thinking, what if he falls done from there. The next thing I noticed he had fallen to the ground with his head first. His father rushed to him and after some recovering he seemed okay, but when I saw him fall to the ground first I actually thought he was going to die. The boy was about 5-6 years old.