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Personally, I do not like snow. I do not like it because it is wet, cold and annoying. It is true that it is beautiful when there is a lot of glittery snow, but once it gets a bit warmer, the snow melts. Once the snow melts it becomes slush. When there is slush, your feet get wet and that is very uncomfortable. Snow also distracts walking and driving. First of all, when it is snowing and second of all, when there is a lot of snow on the roads. I wish it was summer!


I just don’t get it why everybody is happy with snow? I seriously don’t understand why people find this white… thingy thrilling! For me, snow is just white and temporary dirt that melts soon enough and by that makes all the conditions even worse! I prefer rain any time!

More than snow I like cold weather that usually comes with snow. Oh, how I love cold weather! -10 and lower temperatures are my favourite. I bet you imagine how much I enjoyed last year ūüėČ
This cold kink has been with me for 5 years by now. I remember I spent my winter holiday with my aunt in Sadala. Sadala is in South-Estonia and therefore the temperature there gets lower than in Tallinn. Anyway, it was cold outside. Like really cold – at least -20 degrees. And basically there wasn’t much snow, only a couple of centimeters. I remember so well the chilly feeling I had, the sound of the crunching snow under my feet and of course the darkness of the night. All that together made such an experience so memorable to me. I wish the weather this year was the same because I’ve already made my plans for the winter holiday. ūüėČ

Dear someone out there,

Day 37

I’m gonna hide this book when I’m finished. If I don’t make it at least there’ll be some kind of a record. The storm’s been hitting me pretty hard now for 888 hours. I am getting tired on this. I¬†want to go, leave. I¬†want to live, but I can’t. Not with that white¬†crud¬†coming down on me like¬†Satan’s tears. I still haven’t left my house and am running low on all kinds of supplies¬† from food to hygiene. Pretty soon I will have nothing to go on.

I planned to make a run for it last night but as soon as I opened the door, IT attacked me. I had just enought strenght to close the door before it¬†was too late.¬†I think IT ripps through your clothes when IT takes you over. There were more of us, but IT got to them. I’m the only one left, but for how long? I’m so very tired, but there’s nothing else I can do, just wait.

RJ.McReady, financial bank advisor, lone survivor, Magpie lane, North 31.


It’s been snowing for days now.. which I’m not complaining about as I love snow. I’m actually hoping that it won’t stop snowing for another few days, because the miniature “chaos” snow created last year was pretty awesome. Well I probably wouldn’t think so if I was a car driver or lived in a small town, where large amounts of snow can cut off electricity and cause other kinds of damage, but for example I just love it when there’s a lot of snow and the streets haven’t been cleaned of it yet, so it’s more of a hassle to get around. Even if that doesn’t seem much, it definitely makes going to school more enjoyable for me.¬†I also love running and jumping around in the snow like a child/weirdo/crazy person – it gives a some sort of a feeling of total freedom or something.. it’s hard to put in words.

Oo, it’s still snowing a lot, wish I could go outside right now..

This morning when I got up, walked towards the window and opened the curtains, to let some sunlight in, I was stunned. Never have I seen such a beautiful sight from my window. It was like if heaven fell down from the sky. Everything was so perfectly white that the brightnes hurt my eyes. ¬†It all seemed so pure and clean as if my house was floating amongst the white clowds because there wasn`t a single footprint in my sight. And the snowflakes seemed to be little angels flittering around in their endless dance. I was so filled with emotions that I couldn`t stop smiling. But suddenly it occured to me and the smile disappeared…

Damn, I`m the one who is going to clean up those roads from the snow!

Finally I am allowed to love snow. For the past years I have been very afraid of it because of the iceballs that were aiming for my eyes while I was trying to reach the little school house where the cafeteria was.
This year I have been enjoying snow every moment I can. On Saturday night I spent five hours outside playing with my friends in the snow. It was very cold but we didn’t mind ūüôā
I really really hope that Christmas will be full of snow!

Just like last year, it’s snowing like hell outside. Yea, sure it looks nice and makes you feel cozy at home, but I just hate it.

I really don’t like freezing while coming home every day. Then tere are these tasks that just pop up every time it snows. In order to go to scgool the following day, you must spend time clearing away the snow.Every autumn you realise, that once again you don’t have proper gloves or a jacket. Wearing clothes you like is quite hard: Comfy trousers and shoes aren’t warm enough and trying to find OK looking winter clothes is a miracle. Spending money is inescapable.

If you can ignore all that, Estonian weather is exellent!

It is snow! I looked at the sky and saw clouds full of snow and it was snowing. I like snow, but I hate some of the consequences it has: slickness and cold. Yesterday and today I had to clean the drive and pathways from snow. I have forgotten what was that job like – very fatiguing but fun, because you see the outcome of your work but unfortunately it doesn’t last for a long time. It is still snowing everywhere.
Now I am drinking tea and looking out of the window. I see the White Thing coming from the darkness of night. I hope this perfect snowy winter lasts and I’m waiting for Christmas.

Dear Diary,                                                                                                    28th November

That bright white and crunhy snow, that has covered the whole Tallinn with its beauty, has made me so happy during past three days.¬† Every single night I have been out playing with snow or just walking in the “winter wonderland”.
I can’t even remember,¬† when was the last time I saw that much snow in November!
I really hope, that the snow won’t melt before Christmas, because otherwise that enchanting ” Christmas time ” feeling will fade away..
During this weekend I finally remebered,  how beautiful my hometown really is.  All the lights of night Tallinn and gentle snowflakes falling on the skin made me feel,  like there are absolutely no problems in the world. Walking in the middle of the night with your best friend in the old town made me forget problems in the school, home and the fact, that I am seriously ill..
Hope the snow won’t stop falling and that I my health will get better, otherwise…I will stay sulky and all the people around me will end up being seriously ill.
Sincerely, Anita

“Tallinn is Drowning Into Snow”, “Continuous Snowfall Has Made the Roads of Tallinn Almost Impossible to Pass Through”,”The Freezing Cold Does Not Seem To Decrease”. Similar over-exaggerating¬†headlines were the first thing I noticed this morning, as I opened up the Internet.

I left home around 9am, heading downtown. While riding the trolleybus, I experienced something I never have before: the vehicle was literally skating on the snowy roads. The driver seemed extremely nervous and helpless. Moreover, I was ready to continue my trip on foot every moment, as the doors of the trolleybus started to malfunction. As I finally reached my destination, I was shacking because of the cold wind, anxious to grab a cup of hot tea.

Before returning home, I decided to have a walk through the Old Town. I then realized, why this is actually the most charming time of the year for all the Tallinners (my friends in Pärnu told me, when they called, that it had been way more cold there, but the amount of snow was minor). The decorated Christmas tree at city square, blindingly white streets, the hustle and bustle of the Christmas market Рall those little things let me know that the year is soon to end and winter has taken over autumn. The city environment seemed double as nice-looking as usually. I started to feel warm and comfortable. I still do.