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Why do you spring?

Where did you spring?

You sprang so high

I swear, you almost touched the sky.

I’ve already heard that lie.

Come up with something better.

I’m so tired of my eyes getting wetter.

All that’s left is my grandma’s old sweater.

I hate you, springer.

I hope you do not mind me linking these two subjects into one blog post 🙂

Lets be honest, the spring has not yet arrived. There is not a single bird seen even at the countryside, the ground is still covered with dirty snow. However, there’s one thing that reminds us every year that winter will be gone before long: the official Women’s day.

So what really has made us, men, to dedicate a whole day for you? Yesterday I had a discussion with a female friend who claimed I could not cope (the same way as all the rest of men) without women?! More or less, it felt a bit as a provocation. However, I have to agree it is true in some sense. Thus, around 5 million flowers were bought on Women’s day at Estonia. You even made us (the coolest boys ever in G1) to sing on that very extraordinary day.

As life has shown, women, by using their good looks etc can affect us, boys, a lot in many (positive as well as negative) ways. I think you in some sense make us strive to become better men. As a result, the spring will be more beautiful and the birds will sing louder.


Spring?? Where? Oh right, not in Estonia. -.-
So yeah the weather report promised tomorrow to be another day with temperature over zero but there is no way we can call that spring by any chance.
I can’t wait for all the stupid ice to melt and flow away because with a weather like today’s you can never be sure if you should rather wear winter boots or maybe wellingtons as it is too cold for wellingtons and too wet for boots.
Though it was nice to go out for a walk today without four layers of clothes. So I try not to whine about the process going on outside right now and focus on what’s coming after that.


cold wet sunny


the rising temperature

before summer, after winter

feeling the warmth,  smelling the flowers




The winter has ended,
the spring has come,
the green will be splending
and awesome.

The snow will soon melt,
the flowers will bloom.
For now it’ll just pelt
and outside won’t be any zoom.

Soon will come summer,
everyones goal,
but spring is important
and has the lead role.