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Newspaper headline:

„Woman in sumo wrestler suit assaulted her ex-girlfriend in gay pub after she waved at man dressed as a Snickers bar“

Why women are cooler – no man could have ever caused such a headline.

And that’s the gospel truth.

I hope you do not mind me linking these two subjects into one blog post 🙂

Lets be honest, the spring has not yet arrived. There is not a single bird seen even at the countryside, the ground is still covered with dirty snow. However, there’s one thing that reminds us every year that winter will be gone before long: the official Women’s day.

So what really has made us, men, to dedicate a whole day for you? Yesterday I had a discussion with a female friend who claimed I could not cope (the same way as all the rest of men) without women?! More or less, it felt a bit as a provocation. However, I have to agree it is true in some sense. Thus, around 5 million flowers were bought on Women’s day at Estonia. You even made us (the coolest boys ever in G1) to sing on that very extraordinary day.

As life has shown, women, by using their good looks etc can affect us, boys, a lot in many (positive as well as negative) ways. I think you in some sense make us strive to become better men. As a result, the spring will be more beautiful and the birds will sing louder.


Women are whiny, possessive and can be extremely annoying in all kinds of ways. You can either accept the fact that most of the time even we don’t know what’s wrong with us or you can keep on wondering about it.
Of course there are exceptions but I’ve got the general idea that we expect others to know what we want and get upset when we realize that people are not mind readers.
Oh and something that just came into my mind about women (and men, to be clear). You may say that a woman belongs to the kitchen but I just recently got assurance that men are the ones that just can’t refrain from the kitchen. I saw it with my own eyes, it’s true!

Our task was to write about women and the first thing that comes to my mind is last Tuesday when was International Women’s day. Girls in our class came to school knowing that nothing much was going to happen but we were so wrong. In the middle of our Music lesson, Preedik came to class and told the boys that they have to go downstairs. It was the first sign but quite unclear because Joonas came back. When the lesson was over, Joonas told us that we have to go downstairs as well. We got there and saw that all the boys were standing  and all the girls were also there. Then something big happened. Boys started to sing and then handed a rose for each girl. It was the sweetest surprise in my opinion!



Women are sisters,
women are mothers,
and of course many others.
They raise the kids,
they clean up mess-
I think they should do much less.
Women and men-
they should be equal,
despite being coequal.