ITGS break

During the break I did not spend a lot of time behind the computer but some time nonetheless. At first I downloaded many *files* from the *Internet* to satisfy my gaming needs. I believe I downloaded about 10 *Gigabytes* of *data*. I also had to repair my mother’s *personal computer*. I found out that the computer had some huge *bugs* in it. So I had to do a viral scan, clean the hard drive and use the *defragmentation utility*. I also had to help my friend create a huge powerpoint project about the TV-show Smarter than a 5th grader. It was quite excruciating to create it since I had no idea where the effects are that I need. I needed to go through a lot of *menus* to find almost all of them. At one point the program *force quit* and I was devastated but to my luck the file had *autosaved*. Just to be on the safe side I restarted the program in *safe mode*. After I was finished I copied the file onto my *flash memory* card. Later on I discovered on the *World Wide Web* that we needed to print some things for chemistry. So I fired up my *inkjet printer* which actually was broken so then I had to print with my *laser printer*. Later on in the evening the only thing I did was played games either singleplayer or multiplayer. Sometimes I played online pool also which was quite fun. Basically that is how my break ended. Due to me being sick I could not spend as much time behind the computer as I would have liked. But I still managed to do a pretty fair amount of things. I was especially proud over the powerpoint I did. All though there was one thing I could not manage to do I still believe it was well done.