Can Social sites help change the world

Social media sites have become ever more popular in later years. What started off as being simply just chat rooms, blogs and forums for mostly young people, has now become a world wide trend of different sites that promote social interaction between all people.  They have grown to be quite a important part of our online lives and with a single site, Facebook, already having 500 million plus members, that is quite a lot of people’s lives being affected. But do the social sites have the power, to successfully change to course of events which can change the world?

How have the social sites become so powerful? The reason is a combination of many aspects like for starters simplicity. Anyone who possesses at least some knowledge of how to navigate through Internet sites can tackle any problem that might emerge in social websites. Because they are simple, they are also very popular, everyone can “handle it”.
This means there are lot of users, who can come friends with each other, create a social net where they can share ideas and convey information. Also because people lately tend too have too much free time, they fill the gaps by just watching what is happening with their friends.

Lately though these self-made social networks are being used as weapons against different establishments. The best example would be the overthrow of the leader of Tunisia.
There Facebook and Twitter played a huge role, especially in sharing the information that caused the uprisings and in helping to organize riots. Social sites also helped to create martyrs. Because the Tunisian government started to arrest and eliminate bloggers, through that action they created more hate amongst the public and actually made the situation worse. The success of social site usage in Tunisia has already inspired people in other countries as well. In Egypt tens of thousands have come out to express opinion against their government. This event has also been organized mostly through Facebook.

Through popularity, social sites have become very powerful. If used correctly they can act as a very powerful tool and indeed change the world.