The Khan Academy is: A free educational …

The Khan Academy is:

  • A free educational program, that provides infinite possibilities.
  • Gaining popularity as we speak, as the only thing nessesary is an internet connection (at this moment, already over 2000 educational videos, that students can play, pause, rewind etc.
  • An educational program suitable for the Future, development is rapid to make for a more fun and interesting learning experience.

Evaluate Khan Academy from the prospective of IB HL math student


  • On this site, since everyting has been collected into a neat list of topics, it is very simple to revise for the maths exam.
  • Achievements are motivating, they make students want to achieve them, thus creating an interresting learning experience suitable for both the old and the young.
  • Random exercises provide a possibility of doing exercises at home to furthermore consolidate the material one has learned at school.
  • Teachers can monitor the students progress and easily see where the student is stuck. This helps for a fast pace learning process where every student is individually assessed and helped, when needed.
  • Every problem comes with a possibilty of using hints to aid the student through harder and harder problems.
  • Almost endless potential.


  • Since computer technology is subjectible to hacks, the information gathered about the student might not be valid enough for a correct conclusion.
  • The program could have errors, that would give invalid information about a student.
  • Achievements could become a source for “nolifing”, which means that a student spends too much time being hooked to the site doing non-chellenging exercises consurning his level. This prevents a smooth and constant development of student knowledge.
  • As a IB student, the problems might seem out of context and be too easy or one-dimentional, ignoring the need for actual logical thinking.