An essay about the extended essay

Are games an essential part of a child’s development in the future? This inspiration or interest came to me when I saw a video about Jane McGonigal’s views over gaming changing the world. This is quite certainly a very disputable topic but my aim is to concentrate on the views of have gaming in fact influences children’s lives today and how it can develop them and due to that change the world. To study this topic I am going to buy Jane McGonigal’s book “Reality is broken”, evaluate some educational sites such as Khan Academy and others, read some news articles on the subject and use material form a video about Jesse Schnell’s gaming standpoints.

My first and primary source about this sort of global gaming revolution will be taken from the book “Reality is broken”. My primary goal with the book is to bring out its ideas, analyse and evaluate them and also give as many examples as possible. According to the info in the book I intend to pick out some main arguments that seem to be the most relevant and compile a questionnaire for students of different ages in my class to answer. From this I can see what the students actually think of the subject; of course a little introductory part would also be in order. I am pretty sure that if I just make random questions then that will not yield the knowledge I am seeking about those specific viewpoints. So to put it short I am going to explain some things to them and then ask the appropriate questions. After that I will make a table or graph showing the results.

The second part that is quite important in the changing of the world is educational sites. Khan academy that was introduced to us in class is a solid example of the vast opportunities for students who are either not that bright in a subject or exceedingly talented. Such sites have the possibilities to revolutionize the educational system. The biggest factor why this is possible is because all of it is shaped into a game with achievements, progress maps, tutorial videos and so on. My aim is to find out what aspects contribute to the success of such sites and how they can be enhanced in the future. I am also going to make a survey about this sort of gaming but my target group for this will be people of all ages not just only school children. I will also explore everything on the website and provide photographic examples of its capabilities.

Then I discovered a video about Jesse Schnell’s ideas about gaming in the future. They were at some point a bit radical but he did make valid argumentations and his talk was quite logical. This will be a good example also to support McGonigal’s viewpoints to some extent but also will reveal new and relevant ideas about the topic. In this video he talked about some people and methods used to make gaming be useful so I intend to investigate these methods a bit more to find out the main points.

I found some articles on BBC and the Guardian about educational gaming programs that are being used to encourage pupils to be active learners and also about the British gaming industries effect over the years. I think these articles will also provide with substantial examples of how gaming has influenced people and why they have influenced in such a manner.

I also want to get in contact with some computer game specialists who can also give their opinion for my research about these viewpoints I am discussing and analysing. My one option is to try and get in contact with the company Andrico who specialize in the repairing of games as far as I know. But if that does not work then I need to find an alternative maybe the pro games shop will be delighted to have an interview with me. Other options include trying to get in contact with major companied via e-mail or some other form of internet-based communication.