(Re-)learn this https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/fql/

Also, this http://fkingtiny.com/4m
These are the slides I’ve sometimes used. The last few slides contain new and useful (ie.: required) things about SQL. Doesn’t have a lot of explanations, but Google will help you.

Search for stuff like “sql beginner tutorial” and read and read and read.
You need to develop an understanding of how relational databases work, and how to write SQL queries (like you did last thursday using the Facebook widget).

Understand how to SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE data.

Point is — if you prepare for the lessons, we’ll advance quicker, and you’ll actually get to build something cool. If not, all your time will be spent learning the very basics.

(note: you can’t INSERT/UPDATE stuff using the facebook-sql-widget, as they don’t allow it.)