Do you think worrying over Apple’s collection of location data is a valid concern?

I would not say that I am paranoid, but at times it does show. For example, when I first learned of Apple, or rather my iPhone, collecting location data my immediate thought was: “Oh ship, I’m so screwed!”. Why the panic? Because to continue using my excellent cell carrier (TELE2 if you were wondering) I had to ‘jailbreak’ my iPhone, now Apple does not approve of this due to what I can only imagine is the money they receive from EMT that holds dominance over the Estonian iPhone market like AT&T used to hold over USA. And of course let us not forget that this ‘jailbreaking’ allows the user to pirate apps for the device (another percentage lost for Apple AND the developers of the apps).
I then realized I use Foursquare. I feel secure about blabbering my current location to millions of Twitter users and whomever happens onto my Twitter just by Googleing my name. I trust millions of random people more than I trust a big corporation, time to reprioritize.
Now if I think about the location data and from what I have read, that it “collects the data from nearest WiFi hotspots” and “cell towers (that are often hundreds of miles away)” and of course the fact that “all user data is encrypted” should even calm the craziest of conspiracy nut, and if not then black helicopters.
But one question still remains in the air, WHY is Apple collecting the data? One theory, by Peter Pachal of the PCmag fame, is that Apple is working on a navigation service which most likely will keep you from gridlocks due to the collected user data which will portray as traffic congestion. However the problem with that is the ‘Maps’ app hard-boiled onto your iPhone. This nifty Google Maps app already shows the traffic congestion in your local area (Estonians: don’t bother looking it up, too little data for it to work) and we further learn that Google has already released a GPS for their Android OS but not for the iOS, further proof that Apple has the spot reserved.
In conclusion, if you want to get somewhere using GPS don’t be surprised that your location data is collected.,2817,2384489,00.asp