By April 2011, users of Apple products, had noticed that the Apple Locational System has kept a record of where the user has been, sometimes dating back to more than three months. This issue, of course, raised many questions of whether, and why Apple needs to keep a record of a user’s location. As of now, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has claimed, that the situation is caused due to a bug in the system, and that it will be fixed in the next software update. Although the explanation seems to justify itself, can one still consider the fact that their location information is being stored a concern?

On one hand, relying on Jobs’ answers, it can be seen, that Apple might have no interest in storing user information. In fact Jobs claims that the user locator is only used for a user’s own convenience, as it is to make it simple for a user to spot public Wi-Fi hotspots, overall making it less time consuming for a user to use their device to its fullest potential. Secondly, Steve Jobs, when asked a question about why their iPhone, at all needs to log in to store information. He applies, adding to the previous, that if a user wished to find Wi-Fi hotspots, markets, clubs etc. by logging in on the spot, it would be difficult for the device to rapidly find all of the required information, thus making the device slower than Apple designed it to be. Furthermore, Apple claims that, although they are experiencing some technical issues at this moment, they are still leading the way to a safer user experience when it comes to monitoring and storing user information supported by the fact that they at this time provide the user with a choice whether to allow an application to store locational information or not, making it voluntary rather than mandatory for a person to share his/her personal information.

Although the previous suggest that Apple has no intention in storing user whereabouts, one might still have to worry about the fact that one’s location is stored somewhere. This might for one thing be because it would make hackers be wary of potential product movement and might set the user at risk of robbery (if one is interested in Apple products). Secondly, because of long term user data storage, one, when visiting places embarrassing to the user, might feel uncomfortable in certain situations, if they were to turn out in public. Overall, this all, could, should raise awareness and possible concern within the public.

Although Apple has failed to fully justify their actions, whether and why user locations were stored, it can be expected of Apple to repair these so called “system bugs”. Thus hopefully, after a long time, letting people once again breathe more freely about the various hazards that a system malfunction in the main server could cause.