Windows OS, adverisements for mothers

For centuries, the noble mind of the fragile human has wondered: is the Windows operating system better than the Linux operating system? In the following piece of writing, uncoordinated streams of light shall be shed upon the question.
As this is the age of technology and this is why mothers of various ages are becoming more aware of the wonders that wait beyond the humming and rather mysterious box that sits firmly under the desk. So from this moment on, I declare it my duty to inform all mothers, why the Windows operating system is best for taking the first steps in the world of computer technology.

Firstly, mothers, as newcomers, will find it fairly to get started by following a few simple steps that lead them through the installation process of Windows OS. This is achieved by a guiding and user friendly interface, that compared to the level of difficulty of Linux, is like comparing a carefully polished glass sphere with a rough rock. No research is required, Windows comes packed and ready.
Secondly, since Windows OS is the most popular operating system used today, mothers will find it easy to get help, if any is required, from more experienced friends and relatives. This kind of peer help, is something that will make it easy for moms to tackle easy problems. If any serious problems occur, contradictory to Linux, Windows OS has a Customer Service that will kindly aid any mothers in need.
Thirdly, should an active mother of the computer age be confused with various software malfunctions, such as programs not working or music not recognised? No, that is why Windows dominates over Linux, as it has, on top of frequent updates, all the supported software and drivers, that one could need for work of any kind.
Furthermore, as we are thankful to our mothers, we wish them the best in everything. This also applies to interactive media and text editing. As the Windows OS supports ,genuine, top of the line games and text editing software such as “Microsoft Office”, it has a sure advantage over Linux, which has to deal with cheap rip-offs of the originals such as “Open Office”.

So, if you love yourself and others, get Windows OS. Because it may or may not save a puppy every time you do so.