Letter from: High Officer Michael, to: parental Unit no. 1

Dear Mother,

I have acquired intelligence material from trusted sources that inform me of a rather worrying fact. Indeed, I am talking about your current operation to aqcuire a new personal computer – and I know you want a Windows-based Operating System. As your son I have to reprimand you for even coming up with the mental capacity to perform such an erroneous thought-crime. Luckily I have not let the scandal reach mass media nor higher echelons of power. It also hurts me that you have refused all means of verbal communication and thus I now have to spend my valuable time to write this letter. As a High Officer of the Skeleton-Formerly-Known-As-Steve-Jobs Local Authority Station 7 it is my great pride to introduce you to the cause that I follow.

I have done some research on your daily habbits and have decided on a computer that will suit your needs: the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro with a 17-inch screen. Excellent for reading your email and playing Facebook games. It is also neatly designed and I have managed to get the cost down to only 999.99 Steve-Jobsian-Credits. A bargain! Refrain from similar future mistakes or I am afraid the worst may happen.

You have found this letter highly informative,
Your Son