Dearest Mom!

I heard that your old computer made it to its judgment day. Because buying a new computer can be a great fresh start for you, why not change your operating system as well, because that was the cause of the failure for your last computer.
Right now, there are only two possible alternatives to windows. One is Mac OS X from Apple and the other is Ubuntu (Linux). The popular opinion would suggest that you should Mac because of its reputation and that it’s just fancy looking. Because I am quite a hipster I
would actually advise you to get Linux. Why should you trust my judgment you ask, well cause I am you son and I actually have some good points, which prove why getting Ubuntu is better.One of the best things about Ubuntu is, that you can actually get it for free and put it in any PC that you choose. Though Mac OS is not so expensive itself, it requires an Apple computer and those things are very expensive and if anything was to happen to Apple (evil)corporation then this would make Apple and thus Mac OS users’ life really hard. Ubuntu is also easy to install, just like an ordinary program, you just download it and install, it itself takes care of the rest.
Also I understand, that moving from one OS to another is difficult and that is why Ubuntu can be downloaded onto a Windows and work parallel with it, so you can switch from Windows to Ubunutu whenever you like and if you then notice that you don’t like it, you can just delete Ubuntu and keep Windows. This is something that you cannot do with a Mac, cause if you have a Mac you are stuck with it.